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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread


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1 minute ago, John Waylon said:


Meh. It really wasn’t that egregious. That is the kind of penalty that always draws ire for being called UNTIL it’s for you. 


I agree, what irks me is that it's so inconsistent. Same with holding. It's like there's no process in place to reduce variation between crews. There are ways to reduce it. 

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    • The worst scenario is not even being alive for the playoffs - the season being over in October or November.  I just want to stay alive and have something to be interested in until season's end.
    • Gotta say that, 4-5 years into the process, the whole 1-0 shtick does start to wear thin.  Five years into the process you should be competing, not being happy to get incrementally better in order to beat Brissett or the Texans.  You might say well, new QB, but the QB has been the least of your problems.   I poked fun at people who said Grigson needed 8 years, an 8 year plan.  If things don't improve, we're moving into that territory once again.    
    • Agree 100%.  The off-season is so long.  The last thing I want is for it to start early  in the regular season.   No one can predict how this season is going to unfold.  Try like heck to make the tournament.  Anything can happen once you are in.  
    • I'm glad Pryor is getting some love. I've been paying particular attention in him during these games and in pass blocking anyway, he's playing better than Smith did. He can plant himself quickly to handle a power move, yet nimble enough to follow a speed rusher. He has that knack of swallowing up a rusher. Based on his sampling size, which is small, I think he's earned the right to start. If he keeps this up, maybe try Smith at LT. 
    • FWIW, it looks like Fangio and Flores may both be out soon and looking for DC gigs. I don't remember much about Fangio's time w/ the Colts, but I actually like Flores (not sure any coach could do much w/ Miami's roster).
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