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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread


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1 minute ago, John Waylon said:


Meh. It really wasn’t that egregious. That is the kind of penalty that always draws ire for being called UNTIL it’s for you. 


I agree, what irks me is that it's so inconsistent. Same with holding. It's like there's no process in place to reduce variation between crews. There are ways to reduce it. 

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    • He should’ve replaced Vinny.  Vinny was done by that point.  We kept him because of who he was, not because of how he was performing.   Huge, costly mistake by Ballard.
    • Sometime in the ‘70s, the Baltimore Colts were down 21-3 against the Patriots. Colts came back to win.   The 2006 wild card game against the Chiefs. (My wife and I drove to Indy from Delaware to see it).
    • That stings.    Autry was better than he got credit for, and Walker should've never been let go.   Although Okereke has looked slightly better (eye test - but not hard to improve on where he started) that dude needs to step it up big time. I remember seeing Leonard lacing into him on the sidelines and telling him where he should be. 
    • I agree Hines is being used improperly.   I'm gonna let Hines slide on the dropped pass. It was a monsoon, and even though I think he took his eyes off the pass, I'm sure the slippery ball didn't help. I will say he's been playing scared or something lately, but I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong. Even at RB on the handoff, he gets those happy feet that Manning used to.    That said, this team/Reich has got to figure out that Hines and JT are NOT interchangeable. JT is an elite RB between the tackles. We all know Hines is more of a WR than RB and should be used more in the passing game. It drives me insane that he takes JT's snaps and runs up the middle and gets stonewalled most of the time.   I've said this a million times, but line Hines up at WR sometimes.....good things would happen. Or put both JT and Hines back there and roll them out for passes. At least one of them would be covered by a LB, and they would blow right by them.    I'm a big fan of Mack, but I don't like him taking snaps from JT unless JT is gassed from a long run. 
    • 11-2 this week.. alot of bye teams huh.  Ravens and Panthers got me. I'm done picking the Panthers
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