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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread


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    • Chiefs put 42 on the Steelers. Ran away with it. I can't wait for the Bills at KC.
    • Turay is going to be gone.  Can’t stay healthy.  Banogu will be gone.  Paye looks like a quality starter, but not a game changer.  Lewis finally started to contribute before getting hurt.  Too early to say on Dayo.     Campbell has played in 15 out of a possible 50 games.  Pittman looks like a strong #2.  Literally can’t think of another meaningful WR he drafted.   Big whiff on Eason.  Kind of a wasted pick there.   I gave Ballard credit everywhere else, but we are where we are because he hasn’t nailed the money positions.  RB is a luxury position.  Love JT, but I’d trade him for Rodgers or Wilson 10/10 times and twice on Sunday.
    • If we traded up to get Herbert, we wouldn't have Buckner and we likely wouldn't have Pittman, Taylor, or Paye.  You failed to mention what we would have had to give up and discuss other holes in our roster.    I don't think Ballard would readily admit he whiffed on Herbert, as we would have had to traded with or surpassed the Chargers and that would have taken a ton to give up, if it was even possible.    In 5 years, I believe the only players left on our team are Kelly, TY and Doyle. Ballard has totally overturned the roster.  I don't think it's fair to say he is bad at evaluating WR, DE or QB. He got a good young WR in Pittman, we should be all right with Paye and Dayo and perhaps Turay and Lewis if they stay healthy. Campbell has been good when healthy. And he hasn't really gone for a young QB who we'd expect to be a franchise qb.    
    • We didn't get fleeced, but at this current moment I don't think we made the best decision long term. 
    • I think if he allows Ballard to do his job he's going to continue to win.  And re: Reich he has grown on me.  Team needs a strong draft and FA period and steady the course.
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