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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

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Not interested in all the hate.   I'm Disappointed, but still proud of this team.   Early on predicted to be #32. To end up top 8 was impressive, and you gave us all a lot of fun this season

Greetings, our Blue Horseshoe is 1-0 in the postseason, and are back for another NFL Postseason Game Day and afternoon  Colts fans!   Our  AFC #6 Playoff  Seed, and 11-6 Indianapolis Colts again lead

Uh oh...here come the fair weather fans back again. Back into this one.  Let's get it going, boys!!

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It's been a great season fellas, clearly we do not have the talent to match KC.  Ballard will have to pull some major strings to do so by next year however.  


Still plenty of time left but my gut tells me this is just going to get worse.  

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1 minute ago, Surge89 said:

At least Anthony Walker is trying. To bad his counterpart looks terrible and lost. 

I mentioned Leonard was over rated and got hammered for it.  He is a statistics machine but I said that  I would take James the Chargers safety over him any day

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Just now, PeterBowman said:

I think Collinsworth  found his replacement for Brady.


Yeah but he's jumped ship because he can see this team dominating like the Patriots.  This team has long term substantial super bowl caliber potential.  

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2 minutes ago, RollerColt said:

I’ve come to terms with what we’re seeing.


Mahommes is a god. Literally a football god. I have never seen a rookie QB this mature and talented before. 


We were never supposed to make it this far anyways. Hopefully we have another good offseason and learn some lessons from this game. 


I only pray that we don’t get shut out now. I’m getting destroyed by my friends and family who are Chiefs fans. Feelin’ pretty low...


This is the bit I find very scary.. he might just be that good. 

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1 minute ago, Moosejawcolt said:

I blame The O more for this loss.  They have done absolutely nothing .  Embarrassing actually.  The chiefs D is looking like the ravens

Agree.  We all knew the Chiefs would score.

The offense has totally looked like crap.  Very much like the Colts O looked back in the Peyton days before the SB win.


In this case though I really think it is a lack of talent.  We need another top flight WR and RB.  You can't win with guys like Inman as your #2 and Mack as your lead RB.

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