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Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread


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1 minute ago, JCPatriot said:


If you go 3 & out on every possession and the other team scores a TD on every possession, that is a failure of both offense and defense.  Nobody is blameless in that scenario.

knowing its the best offense is nfl history or at least top 3 and they score 30 plus every week even on the best defenses in the league .   when you are luck with a elite offensive line going against the worst defense in the league you have to score getting shut out is horrible and he is gonna keep doing it all game that is my issue with him when its bad it never gets better in game .   he only comes back when he is moving the ball first like the first chiefs game. with luck its either he looks horrible or great no in between i wanted him to be the next manning so bad

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4 minutes ago, threeflight said:

Not at all.


Been a great year.


Next year I think they have a great shot at the SB.


But they need more talent.  Especially at the LB position and on offense.


Tbh the only players I think are worthing keeping on O outside of the offensive line are Luck, Hilton, Doyle, Ebron/Doyle, and maybe Mack.


But if you can get Bell?  You get him.  If you can get AB?  You get him.


This is an offensive league now and you aren't going to win with the players have on O right now.



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Just now, threeflight said:


As much as I hate to say it, reminds me a ton of Peyton in the years before the SB.  He just never seems to be clutch.


Luck just does not play GREAT in the playoffs.  At times he plays good, never great.  I would say his best so far was the KC game at home.

I agree, Luck may not play great in the playoffs. But consider this.


Does this team make the playoffs without Luck? The problem is that Luck is sooo good that he will carry a bad or inexperienced team to the playoffs, like he did in 2012, 2013, and 2014. And now with this team.


So essentially, he's in the playoffs against better TEAMs. The Colts are young and inexperienced this team and nowhere as talented as the Chiefs. But give it time.

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