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Indianapolis Colts
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    • If that's true, I would call pocket escapability to be important.  Eventhough he was slow afoot, Big Ben had some good escapability.  Guys like RGIII and Kaep were fast, but really didn't shift and scramble that well.  I don't know which of the QBs look to have great escapability.  Probably Tua.
    • Do you have facts to back that up or are you just making an assumption?
    • The other side of the coin is as soon as this guy became available they start talking about AV being injured. Maybe they liked him enough? Oh the speculation. 
    • He still has time to hold onto the ball longer than most QBs in the league.
    • I don't want to write a four page white paper, so some broad brushed statements have to be made.   Agreed about your characterization of Love.   QBs tend to get injured when they have contact.  The more an offense relies upon the QBs mobility either by a designed play or by ineffective pocket play, the more likely they will be injured.  Tua got hurt on a pass play where he was outside of the pocket.  Aaron Rogers broke his collar bone at least twice because he had to scramble or was extending the play.  PM, Brady, Big Ben tended to stay healthy.  Also, having some size and strength to withstand a DLs or LBs arm tackle helps too.   I'm simply saying that it seems counterproductive to our investment in a #6 LG to form a 4 second long stout pocket to now covet a college QB who's strong strait is mobility outside of the pocket.  I'm not talking about Love, since I would consider him more of a pocket passer, and his escapability from a collapsing pocket is not really on tape.  Given our oline, I'd think I'd want Love more than Tua, but I also want a 6'4 240 pound QB to stay in the pocket with confidence he can shed an arm tackle.  As far as Love with regards to that, he doesn't look to have the frame for it.  Fromm wouldn't be that guy either.  Burrow would be the guy.
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