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Indianapolis Colts
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    • You may be entirely right.   But I wouldn't bet on that.   These days, teams in all sports typically want to know if their fans are enjoying their game day expereince.   Besides wins and losses,  do fans enjoy the stadium,  are the hot dogs hot and the cold beer cold?    Are they surrounded by loud, obnoxious drunks,  do they have to stand in line to use the bathroom?   Do they like the halftime show?    Can they get in and house of the stadium facility with ease?   If the letter never gets to Irsay,  that's fine.   But I wouldn't be surprised if there is one person, maybe more,  in charge of the "game day experience."    That person works with the stadium and local authorities.   I'd hope those people would get the letter.    The owner of a successful company does not want to take their customers (fans) for granted.   Especially during a tough rebuild period.   Just a different perspective....  
    • As long Jordan Love not in a Colts uniform i am happy
    • Forget the draft value chart.  I think that is woefully short of what it would take to move up to 6 or 7.
    • Agreed 100 percent and that's exactly why in professional mocks I more often than not am seeing Love get passed on by the Colts. And when did that start? After the Senior Bowl where he showed some good, but also some of the same bad he showed on tape. The combine and his pro day could help his draft stock, but I think pundits are starting to wise up to hype behind Love. His issues last season are no small thing, and I can care less if the dude knows he needs to play smarter. Saying and doing are different things. Everyone understands his upside, it's really a question of how much we are willing to overlook the negatives, or maybe we think there is a good reason for the regression. Personally I watched the highlights of all his interceptions this past season and yikes... I would rather get more of a sure thing at 13, but the kid does have some great arm talent. And he did seem to make better decisions last season, so who knows how he'll turn out. I don't know if I'm a fan of the risk, though.
    • Nobody is talking about ignoring DT or the trenches. Hopefully Ballard can walk and chew gum at the same time. We are talking about prioritizing the use of premier assets. No13 is not the only pick we have and it's not like we don't have 90 million of capspace to address less urgent and less valuable needs. If he wants it, Ballard can outspend everybody on the best 3tech he likes in FA. Hell, he can get both the best 3tech and best 1tech on the market. At least at the DT position good to  great players hit the market every year. Franchise QBs almost never hit FA. This is why you prioritize getting a QB from the draft and for the best of them you usually have to use your best picks.
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