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Indianapolis Colts
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    • We haven't had an easy or dominate win yet so thrashing a weak team is the next step in this Colts team proving itself. We'll get the chance to do that both at home and on the road. I like our chances to prove that this Colts team  can be relied on to do just that.
    • I agree with those that said Brissett would be traded.   However, if the Colts could get two 1st round picks for him (which they would easily), it would be hard to not go that route.   My guess is that they could get two 1's and a 3rd for him.   Those picks in addition to our own picks would really improve this already solid team.  
    • I can see your second point, but I'm just saying, playing devil's advocate, if that whistle happened to Brissett on the same type of play, people would be LIVID around here.  Correct call or not.  Still, what a great game to watch yesterday.  The nice thing is, there is STILL room for improvement, and we had a great game.  With a 21-9 lead it would have been nice to bury them.  With that said, it was fun to watch!
    • Did anybody see this game?  Especially the end? I did not as I was out of the house, but listening to the finish on SiriusXM radio.   It was crazy, and radio announcers working overtime (since it is radio, no visuals).   Titans have a 3 point lead moving down the field, Chargers with no timeouts left. Right near midfield, it's 4th and 1 with 2:39 left. Vrabel goes for it, but Bosa stuffs it.  Turnover on downs. Rivers now with ball at the L.A. 49, 2:35 to go.   Rivers drives them down to Titans 16, and with 44 seconds left hits Ekeler for an apparent TD.  Play is stopped, and Booth review, NY reverses the call, knee is down just before crossing the plane.   What do Chargers do next? False start !!  Wow, now first and goal from the 5   Rivers passes, incomplete, but DPI is called!!  1st and goal from the 1, again. 34 seconds left.   Melvin Gordon tries to bang it in ... TD !!  Wait...  booth review... NY again REVERSES  the call!  Since there are no timeouts for L.A., there's also a 10 second runoff, now just 19 seconds left.   Melvin Gordon tries to bang it in again up the gut, and apparently gets stuffed!  So rush the kicking team on to tie with a chip shot FG, right?  NO !!  Booth review stoppage!!  For what?  Clock finally stopped at 7 seconds as ST's were trying to get on and aligned. What is Riveron looking here?   It is now I realize the Titans have either won the game, or lost it already on whatever was going on. If no TD (as was called) there is a 10 second runoff, Titans win.  If a TD (no likely any ref missed that though).   So while the review and chat was happening, I'm thinking what a ripoff that L.A. can't attempt to tie because of booth review buzzing in. Finally, it gets announced:   Review shows the runner (Gordon) fumbled the ball. Recovered by Titans in the end zone. Touchback. It seems nobody saw it on the field in real time, but booth guy on replay screens, who buzzed in.  Tennessee offense has to come on and run one play.  That is how the Chargers lost yesterday! Bizarre!            
    • Loved him, but Tony D. was, to me, equivalent to the QB as a "game manager."  Reich is a COACH and strategist.
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