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    • I dont see the Superbowl for the Ravens unless the kid takes a pretty big leap as a passer. I think he's even behind where Mike Vick was at in year 1. I dont think it will take the league long to catch up with what the Ravens will do on the ground. He'd have to show me major improvement as a passer. Right now I dont think he's where Rg3 or Vick were early on.    
    • 4 teams in 6 years isn't by default. He is a me first veteran trying to get as much as he can at the end of his career. Again, not saying he is a bad guy, I'm saying that inline with what our GM has been trying to build, that is not the player attitude he likely wants in the building.    Personally, I am glad he signed elsewhere. 
    • I know we have the big named players of TY, Campbell, Cain and Funch but the guy I'm watching closely is Marcus Johnson and if he can get back to 100%.   He is #5 on my depth chart unless one of the newbies burn it up. The kid did well before his injury.
    • There is always a reason teams don’t extend certain players. Sure, they could have just been wanting to save money. But also, they could have decided he wasn’t a good team presence and wanted to clean up their stable of players
    • I think so too.  Even if the offers are identical his choice should be the Colts.  I do not understand his infatuation with the Browns or Ravens.  There are contenders and there are CONTENDERS.  Those teams have basically rookies as their QB's.  McCoy only has a couple of years left.  They could be two or three years away.  I don't get the attraction.  The Colts are in the best position to win it this year or next.  Does he really think they are stronger contenders than the Colts?  I don't see it.  Out of all the teams being mentioned the Colts make the most sense if he truly wants to sign with a SB contender.  I can't see the money being a big issue either.  Ballard wouldn't low ball him if he really wanted him.  Our offer would be fair and competitive.  The way I see it the team he should be signing with is the Colts.  
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