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San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)


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1:05 EST...Jim Nantz, Tony Romo and Tracy Wolfson on CBS

Low 20s and cloudy at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro..over-under 47


Phillip 'Old Man' Rivers (347 of 508, 4,308 yards, 32 Tds, 12 INTs) has not played at a peak in recent weeks and he'll get tight end Hunter Henry (who has not played all season) back in the lineup for the biggest game of the year.

RB Melvin Gordon (175 carries, 885 yards) will play but he is probably not near 100% and he''l face a Patriot defense that allowed just 93 rushing first downs in 16 games.


NE star 'Shady' Tom Brady (375 of 570, 4,355 yards, 29 TDFs, 11 INTs) has not been at his best this year but he still has good hands people in TE Rob Gronkowski (47 catches, 682 yards), WR Julian Edelman (74 catches, 850 yards) and RB James  White (87 caches, 751 yards)  plus RB Sony Michel (209 carries, 931 yards).  The Chargers have 35 sacks but Brady has only been sacked 21 times all year.


Like The Colts and KC, The Chargers (13-4) and New England (11-5) did not meet this season and that means the Chargers defense will have to adapt very quickly to whatever Brady wants to do. The Patriots split their last four games but again, with wo weeks off, that does not matter.

San Diego has scored just 42 points in the last three games.


    The Chargers have had a very good season but it ends here.  There's something wrong with Rivers. He's not throwing the ball like he did last year and with Gordon hurt, The Chargers will take their whipping.  James White is the X-man. He'll run it and he'll catch it.

Nobody really thinks the Chargers will win this game and I don't think they'll come within 4 points.

Step back from this game and look at it again.

Chargers at New England in January with the Patriots healthy?

You know how its going to end.


Patriots win and host the Colts in  'Grudge Match II"  :hulk:



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Philip Rivers is one of my favorite QBs ever. I would love to see him win a Super Bowl. Now that the Colts are out of the playoffs, the Chargers are the only team left that keeps me watching the playoffs. I think they have a good chance to advance against this Pats team. Go Bolts!


@Girlzarefanstoo Is Gordon playing tomorrow?

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14 hours ago, Girlzarefanstoo said:

He practiced limited this week, but is active for tomorrow so he should be a go.  We're pretty healthy.  Can't wait.  Thanks for rooting for us ♡

I know win or lose today I am going be cheering for whoever comes out of this game against KC.  I actually don’t dislike the Chargers so May the best team win and end up in the SB!

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5 minutes ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

They going again. Julian Edelman and James white can be the only WRs on this team and they can't be stopped

Yeah, with all the KC/Lac/Ind hype this postseason the Pats are going to come in and smack everyone and say..'shhhh, we're still here folks'.. Lol

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Just now, Luck is Good said:

Media needs to stop touting the end of Brady. He’s not going to be done until he wants to be done. The guy is so good

They almost always win. They will probably go into Arrowhead and win as well lol. Tom is the GOAT, Montana is 2nd, I have Peyton 3rd. I will stick with that. 

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    • Last I checked Russell Wilson ain't a RB.  If you can't see that JT is stiff in the hips and so far his vision and anticipation is sub par and pretty predictable because just about every wisco rb in the past 20 years had the same problem adjusting to the nfl from the primitive badger running scheme them I really don't have a whole lot to add to you as a poster even though you make long posts.     So you don't recognize the difference in the line this year to Mcks rookie year.  Ok I dibt know how to respond to that.  I mean it would be like arguing with a kid.   You haven't noticed that JT tends to run right into the backs of his online them I wonder if you really watch the games.   You assign the lack of rushing production to play calling without taking into consideration that JT s lack of agility us likely a major cause of that.   We are going to have to run under center probably with a FB to maximize Jts game.  That is patently obvious.   The line sucks the QBs sucks the receivers suck and the coach sucks.  That is your real argument as to why this guy is not dazzling out is the backfield.   He will be good I short yardage .  Occasionally he will break long ones when their are wide obvious lanes.  He will gain some yds when schemed open in the passing game.   He MAY develop some vision over time and quit throwing away big gains by running into the backs of linemen  ut if this I am skeptical.   He will maximize his potential as a1 cut back if he learns to anticipate but this is often instinctive and not guaranteed.   We shall see.
    • Sweet Jesus - isn’t it about time for you to take another long winter’s nap?   Go get some rest and come back in the spring with tales of Player X is a future hall of fame level player. 
    • I am aware of who Philly has at the position.  Does not impact the point at all.    Nobody was giving up a 2nd round pick for AB.    My entire point is no one is giving up that high of a pick for Ertz with his current circumstances.    If your proposed deal was offered to Philly they would take it in a nanosecond. No one will though. 
    • Yeah man.  Just about anything but an Achilles.  No guarantee he and Hooket will even walk right anymore 
    • Honestly, keep running well and improving your vision and find the holes. The YPC is becoming very consistent and solid. Just find the holes, don't fumble, and you should be alright.   The way teams are stacking the box Vs him just shows how good he actually is already. Rivers isn't doing him any favors tbh.
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