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On 1/11/2019 at 10:25 PM, DrLuck said:

O man. I can say Pagano had absolutely no business being an NFL head coach. I'm usually on the other side of arguments like this, thinking generally if you make it to that NFL you're pretty damn good at whatever you do. Pagano is an exception to that. He was just so over his head and clueless. Maybe as a DC he will be ok, but I hope for their sake he's not calling the plays lol.


and why is that?

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Wow! I am surprised at the amount of vitriol this thread has had. Not counting Reich, there are only 3 coaches in Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts history who have a higher winning percentage than Coach Pagano. I'm in no way saying he was Don Shula or Tony Dungy but he wasn't Rod Dowhower or Rick Venturi either. That being said, I wish Coach Pagano nothing but the best In Chicago.

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16 hours ago, crazycolt1 said:

How can that be said about a first time head coach?

I am pretty sure New England is glad they took a gamble with a losing coach like Belichick.

Hey maybe, if he would have had a better GM from the get go, he would have kept his job. 

I'm just saying that the leap to head coach doesn't always correlate for every coach. But if you payed attention to my post, you would see that there is more coaches that are great at specializing  in a particular aspect of coaching than just being a head coach. Pagano did make a lot of bone head calls as head coach, and time management plays. But you are a little sensitive to what I am saying,  Capers, Philips, among a slew of other assistants, over the years, especially Patriot's  assistants, have been cherry picked in the NFL as well as college. Just like in business, you can excel in certain aspects of a company. But that does not always translate into being  the CEO of the company.  That is not a knock on Pagano. Maybe in the future he will become the Belichick story and prove people wrong . I know Capers had that opportunity, but in the end he saw where he was needed, as well as Wade Phillips.  Ok ? no harm no foul.  


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