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Foles or Wentz


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1 hour ago, ColtsBlueFL said:


Wentz is where the wagon is hooked. Rightfully sop. Too bad it ends up broken on the side of the road before reaching the destination and Foles has had to give them a tow a couple times already.  I'll be somewhat surprised if Steelers let Bell go without trying anything for compensation, same with Eagles and Foles. But they might. It will be interesting to watch this off season.


They would/could still get a compensation pick. With Steelers it might be their only option to get compensation for Bell.

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Foles has a SB MVP against God's team

Holds a tied record for most consecutive completions

Holds a tied record for most passing TDs in a game

30 in the NFL is the new 20. QBs cant get hit and will play till 45 like kickers..


Put your trust in Foles and I think he'll perform better when he knows he's "the guy" 


Bye Wentz

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