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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I have to admit I do like Love just from what I have seen but what a risk. I am not saying Cousins would be the solution to anything but if we just traded a 44 for him, IMO that would be a good deal - that was between @NFLfan and I being GM's. Regarding Carr or Rivers, I like both but only Rivers on a 2 yr deal because of his age. Carr is only 28 and still has upside IMO, you say he is average, I say above average. His W/L record isn't good but the Raiders have had some crappy teams. He went 12-3 in 2016.
    • Dak might be good enough. He looked good enough this year, but I want to see it over longer period. I considered him somewhere on the margins of franchise QB during the season, and if he can do it one more time, IMO it will put him in that category. He also had a great offensive cast to help too... BTW.    The line is... I don't know... somewhere around QB12 maybe... not sure. It's hard to pin point because there are old QBs that might be getting out of that range (Rivers, Roethlisberger, Brees, Brady, etc.) but there are also young QBs that might be getting in the range(Lamar, Baker?, Murray?, Allen?)... It's interesting time in the NFL and we are witnessing the changing of the guards. 
    • It’s gotten to that point with me.  Well, at least at the club seat prices. I may go back to the regular seats and see how I feel. I used to be one section outside of the club section and always wanted to get in there. Once I moved in there I really enjoyed it. I had 3 seats then and now have 5. 
    • https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp   Been watching film on this guy...Would be the perfect addition to the defense.    value: 13 and 44 = 1610 value pick 6 = 1600 value pick 7 = 1500   Thoughts? 
    • That's alright, I won't fault Ballard if he doesn't like any of the QBs. Then keep the powder dry and use it next year. Trade for future picks that will help you land one of the better QBs next year then... For example, I wouldn't mind it if we traded 34 for a future 1st. I wouldn't mind if we traded 44 for a 3d and future 2nd... or something like that... I wouldn't mind us trading back from 13 to the 20s for a future 1st... I'd be good with all of that.    You seem to expect Love or Herbert or other non top 5 QBs to look amazing from the get go. They won't. Where we are drafting and where we will probably continue to draft in the next several years (teens, maybe 20s?) you will never find an immediate no warts starter at the QB. Those get drafted quick and even they don't usually play winning football the first year or two. Whoever you draft you will have to develop. Whoever you draft can bust. You just have to love his traits and skill(+the player has to have the determination and desire to work hard on his craft) and believe in your coaches' ability to develop and mold that into a winning package and eliminate some of his weaknesses.  
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