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    • I have Hulu Live now, and it's fantastic especially since you get the 4 major local channels as well. I also have used Sling TV and it was excellent as well. With no contract, I'm kind of trying them all to see which one I like the best.
    • If you don't call a few teams and line a couple of them up for potential trade (well before the draft), then you might be stuck.  Truth is, Chris is calling GM's everyday day now.  I'm sure more than a few asked would they be willing to trade up to our 26 If the guy the Colts target is gone?  They say yes, then decide potential compensation.  Deal is if Colts guy (no names mentioned) is gone they call them up. If their guy is still there, they complete the trade as set up previously. If their guy is also gone too, then you call the next team you set up a similar deal (possibly different compensation etc...) and see if that one goes through.  Rinse and repeat.     If he is best on your board, you are saying you are unhappy with the scouting?  Or GM's inability to setup contingency plans to address this case on draft day?   By a different viewpoint, say you do want player Solidguy A at #34, not 26. So you take Dynamo A- at 26 instead (why isn't he BPA unless he is equal grade but at position of perceived less need?), waiting to take Solidguy A at #34.  Then Bill Belichick decides Solidguy A is BPA on his board and takes him instead of trading down.  How have you prepared for missing on Solidguy A completely now?     Then you stay true to your board and take BPA. Maybe it's that safety you want, or... someone else. Forget filling WR in that draft round if there are none on the board close to your BPA guys that are still there in that slot.     I'd go BPA, and if many guys are 'tied' in grade there, take the one at a greatest perceived need.
    • I'm with you. I'm dropping. It's just a hassle trying to find something with all the channels I want in one package. Otherwise you end up with multiple programs and paying almost as much.
    • How anyone still has cable, outside of it's use for internet, is a head-scratcher to say the least.
    • There probably will be some good third party coverage on the web. This is how I usually watch it... I put the video from ESPN or NFL Network and the audio from a source I like(BR will do coverage, the Draft Network might do live coverage, if you can handle the Cowboys slant, their .com site does a very good job with the NFL draft(Dane Brugler, Bryan Broaddus)... 
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