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NFL is ok with a conf. championship game in a 30,000 seat stadium ?

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16 minutes ago, Superman said:


It's as simple as playing one game Saturday. They'll have a similar issue if the Rams and Chargers both host a championship game starting in 2020.

I agree, Saturday/Sunday make the most sense.

Interesting that baseball can do the day/night doubleheader and usher out 50,000 people, empty parking lots, restock concessions and clean the stadium in a matter of a few hours. Never been to one so I wonder how much "cleaning" goes on.

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2 hours ago, Girlzarefanstoo said:

Moot point now.  KC it will be if we get past New England.  Can't  help but think KC would prefer the Patriots.


Keep the Rivers 3-0 in 1 pm ET playoff games mojo going :) 

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On 1/8/2019 at 1:39 PM, Narcosys said:


Mahomes and the Chiefs are the new "hotness" and we have seen the Luck vs Brady already several times and the outcome is always the same. Not sure if they want that again when they can have the league MVP vs the arguable GOAT, one starting his career being great and one finishing his career. Plus a Chiefs/Saints SB is the prolific marquee matchup that the NFL wants to see, tons of points in that matchup 75pt over/under.

Nailed it. Now let's see what happens with the saints and eagles.

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    • He will when he is ask about him.  We all know that Frank is not going to say anything that would discourage or down grade any of his players. That's why the players like to play for him. 
    • yeah, he doesn't have to worry about her wrecking him anymore.     Wrong.  His contract is paused the moment he retires.  Whether he comes back now, next year or in 2050, Colts own his right for the remaining time left on the contract , in this case 3 seasons.  There is no end date on that.  He has no way out unless the Colts release or trade him.  Which is why the Colts let him keep that 24 million. Doing so, ensured his rights are forever theirs.
    • In order to be part of the NFL Draft a player has to be 3 years from their high school graduation date. So if a kid graduated in 2018 he would be eligible for the 2021 draft regardless if there is a college football season or not. Trevor Lawrence has nothing to worry about. He probably has more to lose by playing this season than not. I've heard analysts say that he would have been the number one pick last year over Joe Burrow if he would have been eligible. As to the logistics of the 2021 NFL Draft, your guess is as good as anybody else's right now. With all sports in a state of flux I would say next year's draft isn't a high priority right now. I'm sure that if the major conferences go to spring football that players like Lawrence will opt out or the NFL Draft will move back to a later date. Just my  on the matter.
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