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NFL is ok with a conf. championship game in a 30,000 seat stadium ?

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16 minutes ago, Superman said:


It's as simple as playing one game Saturday. They'll have a similar issue if the Rams and Chargers both host a championship game starting in 2020.

I agree, Saturday/Sunday make the most sense.

Interesting that baseball can do the day/night doubleheader and usher out 50,000 people, empty parking lots, restock concessions and clean the stadium in a matter of a few hours. Never been to one so I wonder how much "cleaning" goes on.

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2 hours ago, Girlzarefanstoo said:

Moot point now.  KC it will be if we get past New England.  Can't  help but think KC would prefer the Patriots.


Keep the Rivers 3-0 in 1 pm ET playoff games mojo going :) 

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On 1/8/2019 at 1:39 PM, Narcosys said:


Mahomes and the Chiefs are the new "hotness" and we have seen the Luck vs Brady already several times and the outcome is always the same. Not sure if they want that again when they can have the league MVP vs the arguable GOAT, one starting his career being great and one finishing his career. Plus a Chiefs/Saints SB is the prolific marquee matchup that the NFL wants to see, tons of points in that matchup 75pt over/under.

Nailed it. Now let's see what happens with the saints and eagles.

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    • Agree! Michael Irvin was asked about Luck retirement and said he has respect for what he did and then asked if he ever contemplated retirement and said never. He even said he would keep playing to this day if he could that's how much he loved the NFL.
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    • Yeah, I'm expecting a lot of our games to be around the high teens/low 20s for a while. At least until teams start to gameplan against our rushing attack and try to take away the short stuff from Brissett (and until we start passing downfield).
    • “Antonio Brown was released today by the New England Patriots and is currently an unrestricted free agent,” the NFL said in its statement. “Our office is presently investigating multiple allegations, some of which are the subject of pending litigation. We have as yet made no findings regarding these issues. The investigation is ongoing and will be pursued vigorously and expeditiously.   “As long as Mr. Brown is a free agent, placement on the Commissioner’s exempt list is not appropriate. If he is signed by a club, such placement may become appropriate at any time depending on the status of the investigation. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, he may also be subject to discipline if the investigation finds that he has violated the law or league policies.”   Sounds like the NFL is discouraging any other team from signing him.         Ummm, don't think so Drew.
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