Anyone Going to Kansas City?

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On 1/7/2019 at 11:34 PM, LJpalmbeacher2 said:


Ok but please be careful. 'They got some crazy little women there'.



6 hours ago, WoolMagnet said:

........... goin to Kansa City

.........:. Kansas City here I come



I'll be here in SW Florida watching from home.

Enjoy the game !!

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Hitting the road to KC in about half an hour, can’t wait to get there!!!! My posts on here might be limited, but I’ll do what I can!!!! GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!


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    • If we win a SB with Luck, I'd actually be fine with it. Right now I'd take 1 SB win and be happy. With Brady and Mahomes playing in the AFC, and young guys like Watson and Mayfield, a SB is not a guarantee. Not to mention we have to win when we get there.
    • Yeah. They will need to pick and choose how they keep because their payroll is getting up there. The more I think about it and research it though, it seems like it's more likely than not that they will keep him and let some of the other high end FAs walk.      I do too. This was more of a how I would do it, rather than what Ballard would likely do. I think Ballard will be restrained with the money again.        Yeah. I think in my next mock I will probably do some combination of Golden Tate, Randall Cobb and John Brown instead of Williams. 
        I think Iupati is much higher end talent and if he stays healthy he is a completely different animal to anything other than Nelson we have on the O-line. I think he's closer to Nelson than he is to the other linemen if he can stay healthy. Big if, but yah... 
        I think he's the same mold but I think he's much more talented and much more athletic. He tested like an elite athlete when he was coming into the league and it's starting to pay off. I also think he's probably a better pass-rusher than Sheard. Also again - Sheard's contract is up after this year and he will be 31. I'd rather have his replacement ready to go on the roster when we ultimately let him go.  Looking forward to seeing your version of a mock off-season. Also... I hope you post some scouting reports on players. Cheers.
    • Haha, I think we'd have to figure out 18 years of history on what's scripted lol. Brady is putting up a lot of the stats like Brady for real and the wins, I do believe a few of those SBs were scripted though. Especially the 2001 though with 9-11 happening and all that. I called that one as a 14 year old and made my uncle money where he bought me a nintendo gamecube.
    • Another guy I would go after in a heart beat if he reaches Free Agency is C.J. Mosley.  If you pair him with Leonard, that could be a lethal combination.  In the draft focus on WR, DBs and an Edge rusher and your set.
    • I completely agree. There's a lot of things he can improve on. I think we should see a big jump next year. My hope at least. He needs to work on the little things, the details
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