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    • With no TEs under contract beyond the 2019 season, TE is most definitely a need, albeit more of an under the radar need than a glaring one. But if a guy like Hockensen is there, & all of the DL/EDGE guys that the Colts have 1st round grades on are gone, then I have zero issues taking a TE.
    • I don't like how any of the available simulators do it. They all use a single board for all teams and as we know this is not how the draft works... different teams have different boards and they draft by them while factoring in needs to some extent.    I wanted to make a different type of simulator myself, but didn't have the time this year. I think I will make one for next year and I will take different boards and assign them to different teams and this way you could get more representative way of how the draft would unfold. Ideally you would have some approximation for a board for all different teams. For example, if you know that a team runs zone blocking scheme predominantly you bump up all zone blocking OLinemen and you drop all the power blocking OLinement for this team's specific board... If they run press-man defense you bump up the best press-corners and you drop all the off-man zone corners for this team's specific board.. .etc. You get the idea. Get somewhat personalized boards for every team depending on what they run and how they play.   It won't be perfect but I feel like it might give you better idea of how teams would draft and IMO it will give you better prediction of what the chance is that certain players drop to certain positions. 
    • Understandable, but yeah. I have no college team rooting interest in this one. I just like Tillery better. (on the field that is... Wilkins seems to be drawing rave reviews about his off-field/leadership/character stuff, while like we discussed earlier Tillery is drawing some questions about being too well-rounded outside of football... I don't know how to evaluate those and I haven't talked to them so... I defer to who I like on the field and leave the character evaluation to the pros(Ballard and the Colts FO))
    • I don't know how to do it, but I'm pretty sure they can create an aggregate big board with a bunch of different boards, mocks, variables, etc., and track the trends from that board as the draft unfurls. TDN has a predictive big board that their mock machine is based on. It can't be that hard.
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