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Philadelphia (+6.5) at Bears (1-6-19)

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Screw the bears and their sausage fingered fans.

The Bears are must watch TV......if you need to take a nap.

I wonder if the Bears wished they had sat their starters last week? Then they would have played the Vikes instead of the Eagles today and would have destroyed Cousins and Company. 

13 hours ago, Moosejawcolt said:

A little perspective on this.  Yes the kicker missed. That's on him and that's what he gets paid for. However, the Bears D chocked on that last drive.   U have up 2  1st round picks for Mack and majority of your talent and cap is on the D.  Should never have come to a kick.  Eagles had the ball, the Bears D needs to stop them and they didn't. Oh.....and Tribusky is not the answer. He simply can't read a D.   He has made no progress since his rookie year.  This is why I say buyer beware of all these hot O coordinators. What had Nagy added to this team? The D is loaded and the offense is terrible.

I thought Trubisky looked pretty good this year.   Not great, but pretty good for a 2nd year QB.   That throw on their last drive yesterday was perfect.  

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