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Disc golf thread

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Anyone here throw? I've become a big fan and here in the Portland area, it is quite popular. I would love to hear from others who get out and throw disc.


Favorite disc - 

Champion DX XT (plastic type)or? - 

Overstable or understable - 

Backhand of forehand - 

Number of aces - 

Longest drive - 

Par 3's or long courses - 


Would love to see pics of fave discs or your local hole at a local course. 

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Great idea for a thread!  I haven't been in a while, but I love disc golf.  I usually throw forehand unless putting, but will throw backhand if the hole dictates it.  I practice on par 3 courses, but prefer longer courses, especially if I'm playing with others.


I like a number of courses in and around Indy.  Especially courses with holes that take you through wooded areas.  I enjoyed spending a day in Peru, Indiana years ago playing a couple of the courses there, and a day in West Lafayette playing in a wooded course.


Once upon a time I was going to open the worlds' first disc golf driving range and putt-putt course, but someone beat me to the idea.  I've also never aced a hole in 20 years of playing...  :(

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