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Just Can't Get Enough Of Watching This O-Line

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9 hours ago, Scott Pennock said:

He lives up to his draft reports with us. Perfect fit on the opposite side of our other mauler....bookended by two athletic tackles and captained by Kelly! It's a great line!


The preseason game against Seattle 


this board was calling for him to be cut


pleasant surprise  

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I love to go back and watch how the DL and LBs look in the 4th qtr after facing our OL all game.  There is a noticeable difference in their willingness to engage with our OL. They have a lot more energy and aggression in the 1st qtr than they do in the 4th that's for sure. I love it.

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I think something Irsay said a few years ago finally stuck with the oline. He mentioned Glenn Scott Saturday Lilja Diem had pride protecting Peyton and he just didn't see that for andrew. 

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If Jack Mewhort was healthy and we still had him on the team I'm not even sure if I'd want him to play over Glowinski.  Glowinsky plays nasty to me and that's how I like them.  Mewhort was kind of technical but not really a nasty type of blocker.  Glowinsky is a bit of everything.

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