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Our Blueprint to Beating the Texans

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1. Establish the run

Last time we played the Texans we couldn't get anything going.  Hopefully Kelly and Mack can improve that.  This will open up TY over the top (PA max protect)

2. Take away their playmakers

The Texans heavily rely on their playmakers.  Watson, Hopkins, and Miller on offense.  Clowney and Watt on defense.  Double team Nuk and Watt.  Contain Watson.  Someone to watch for is Keke Coutee who absolutely killed us in the first game.

3. Blitz

We have experienced a lot of success when blitzing Watson and we should continue to do that.

4. Our weapons

Get TY going or use him as a decoy.  Ebron and Hines have favorable matchups against their LBs and take advantage of that.

5. The usuals

Limit penalties, win turnover battle, 3rd down, red zone, etc.

The Texans are a good team but they are flawed and we have already shown we can beat them.  I predict a shootout in which we win by one score.  

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