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2006 Playoffs 2018 Playoffs

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Once the final teams were announced last night I started thinking about 12 years ago and who made playoffs then thought who made it this year

            2006                                                                  2018

AFC                NFC                                        AFC                     NFC

Chargers      Bears                                      Chiefs                 Saints

Ravens          Saints                                    Patriots              Rams

Colts               Eagles                                   Texans              Bears

Patriots          Seahawks                            Ravens              Cowboys

Jets                  Cowboys                              Chargers          Seahawks

Chiefs             Giants                                   Colts                  Eagles


Only Jets and Giants missed while Rams and Texans made it this year compared to 2006. And realize 2006 and 2018 had the same Schedule set up (i.e.  AFC South vs AFC East and NFC East). The fact that the playoff teams are pretty much the same and the schedule set up is the same is interesting.


For Playoffs, Colts played in Saturday 435 game. If they win, they would play Saturday 435 at KC.  If they win that, they'd play 640 game on that next Sunday.  Then if they win that, they'd play 630 game in two weeks in ATL. 


In 2006 the Colts played the 430 Saturday game. They then played the 430 Saturday game at BAL. They then played the 630 game vs Patriots. Then the game in MIA at 630 two weeks later. 


Also the Seahawks vs. Cowboys game was the Saturday night game and AFC game on Sunday was the 1 game and NFC was the 4 game. Only the Sunday Divisional Round game was switched with it going AFC then NFC in 2006 it was NFC then AFC.


And one more thing, the Super Bowl that year was an AFC away NFC home game and was broadcasted on CBS.


Found it interesting how close the set up has resembled 2006 and thought be interesting to point out. 


Now if only the SB would end in the same result as that year.

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Here is just a could things to think about.

difference in years from 2006-2018 (12)

Start time 4:35 why the 5 minute difference? hmm 4+3+5 = ? (12) 

The games takes place in 2019 =2 +0+1+9= (12)

interesting huh. 

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