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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread

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3 minutes ago, shakedownstreet said:


I'm not certain that constitutes a healthy diet


TBF when he ate them they were caterpillars... 

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It's been some time since I was nervous for a game. Exciting but nerve-wracking! 


Sounds like a lot of Colts fans at the game! Let's go Colts!

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1 minute ago, Indy_Mike said:

TY needs to avoid all contact....like he usually does and for some reason didn't on that last play!


He needs to avoid changing direction too much and he had to make those moves on that play.

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    • Well, I said the O being responsible for wins, especially passing O relative to the QB, not that they dont have good stats.   What I saw on Sunday was a team that stifled GBs offense and ran all over them offensively.  I mean, the quality of the QB is always important, but goodness, saying that they won the game because they had JG instead of say, Case Keenum, is a bit of a stretch, IMO.
    • If Ballard signs Ngakoue or possibly a Chris Jones or Arik Armstead, and then drafts Javon Kinlaw, this DL would be nasty. If he wants to build his team like a San Fransisco, that would certainly expedite that effort. 
    • Well I am pretty sure that Reich wouldn't have passed the opportuniuty to draft Bosa had he had it last year.    Parris was hurt, can't judge it.  Both Bangonu and Rock would look a lot better with Bosa harrassing the QB for them.   Everything one does on the internet is what if.  If not, it's pure outcome bias.  Did you notice that the other team in the Superbowl has a weak defense and a hero ball QB?    
    • Gotcha. I'm basing it totally on what I'm seeing with the player rankings, & I'd be lying if I said I've seen enough of either guy to make that distinction.
    • OK.  If that's your conclusion from your "what if" scenario, that's fine.  I'm just assuming that the actual plays the edge guy made mattered, and I have less ability to judge the Os performance when JG would have had to throw passes in the situations he didn't have to.         And I never said JG didn't matter.  I said that Lucks retirement was not relevant to the discussion about the rosters and the actual performance, especially the SF half of the discussion.    I think there is simply an assumption that we'd be in the playoffs.    Personally, I think both TEN and HOU were probably better this year than last year, and I don't see the addition of Rock and Ben and Parris being all that significant when measuring the Colts potential performance with Luck compared to last year with Luck.  But that's all alternative.
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