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Colts @ Titans Sunday Night Football Game Thread

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Hi Colts fans!   A playoff berth is on the line tonight, as our Indianapolis Colts are down south in Nashville to play the Tennessee Titans, with matching 9-6 records. in the 256th and final  game for

And a big fat well done to my boy Darius Leonard whom I love dearly. What a night he has had!

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    • Taking NE and Brady out of this because I think what they did was unique.   My observation is that the teams with the elite QB have more success BEFORE that QB gets paid his contract than after he gets paid.   SB teams have won, IMO, because they have gotten elite play from some players at the same time not compensating those players for the elite play.  They produce more than what the team pays them that season.   SEA was better when Russell Wilson was playing near elite QB before his contract. PITT was better when Ben was younger not being paid. I know injuries played a part, but the early Grigson Luck years were much better for the Colts than the $125M years. KC rode an elite Mahomes on a rookie contract to domination over recent seasons. BUFF is enjoying Allen's low pay day relative to his talent and play.  What will happen to them when he gets paid?   (and another version of that formula, even though Denver paid PM, they got a huge boost from an elite Von Miller playing an impactful position on a cheap rookie contract)   OTOH.   NO has been paying Brees and hasn't quite gotten there consistently. ATL pays Ryan and got their once. PITT has been playing Ben but they have not been an elite team with him at that pay scale. I suspect that Lamar will never earn top tier QB money, yet BALT will be right there with all of those teams.   We made our bed when we picked a G at 6, and will pay him elite Olineman money.  I don't see where we are going to be putting the ball in our QBs hands every play and ask him to win the game when we are paying a G to also run block at an elite level.  We will probably always be more of a running team than the average playoff team because of our investment in our G.  Taking the ball out of our QBs hands means that we will not also never truly need that top guy.   And we will win with Wentz if he outplays what has been invested in him.  If he plays like a 3rd rounder and future 1st (just for starting, IOW, because he happens to be the best QB on the roster) then we probably wont go deep into the playoffs. He will always be compensated less than top tier simply because he will be getting old.   Maybe we should have taken Fields and hoped he gave us elite play on the cheap before we'd have to decide between him and Nelson.   
    • I know what a strange baseball season so far. The Cubs have a good team overall, we are like all the other good teams in the NL basically. We have our ups and downs but that is baseball with a 162 game season. The only team in the NL right now that can say they have played great are the Giants at 45-25. Looking at all the good teams in the NL, they are all 8 games above .500 with the exception of the Dodgers who are 42-27. Cubs are 39-31, Padres 40-32, and Mets 35-27. So the other teams fans feel our misery when a loss happens as well. We really need to just start playing more consistent. It needs to start tomorrow with the Marlins who we are much better than.   If someone told me before the season started that we would be in 1st place in the NL Central through 70 games on June 19th, I would take it. That is the extreme positive way to look at this.
    • Who wouldve guessed that the only win for NL Central tonight would be the Pirates beating the Indians 
    • Brewers just lost to the Rockies again , we are still in 1st place in the NL Central. Cards lost as well and the Reds are down 5-2 to the Padres.
    • It was that comebacker. That seemed to effect his play after. Hopefully he's alright and returns back to before 
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