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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I am not sure that he is a Hall of Famer either is why I put him in Great category. He is borderline to me. He would be an upgrade over JB, I agree.
    • Agree on all counts. I also think it's a decision the Colts would make pre-draft too. Sure the Colts may be all in on one of the guys in the draft, and Carr could be Plan B, but IMO it's more likely he'd be a plan A. And given LVR will want draft picks, they'll definitely look for a pre-draft exchange.
    • I'm pulling for him too. He's playing against lesser talent sure, but he's also with WITH lesser talent too. It's not like playing preseason when you may have 1s going against 3s. The playing field is level. Not saying he is going to be the second coming or anything, it's just interesting that the guy we let go is rising to the top of the XFL. It also generates more questions about Kelly, given we obviously saw more in him than Walker.
    • Being a playoff team is incredibly low bar in the grand scheme of things and it doesn't mean much. We could have been a playoff team with this current team and Jacoby as starter had Vinny scored 2 more FGs. It doesn't mean much. There are playoff teams every year that have no chance in hell of getting a deep playoff run or appearing in the SB(this is the ultimate goal).    Like I said above - it doesn't mean I expect it every year or even most years, but I do think having a team and a QB that gives you a chance for deep playoff runs is the ultimate goal. From there on it comes to a lot of additional circumstances - luck, health of the roster, favorable matchups, etc., whether you reach the SB and win it or not.    With players like Cousins or Carr or Dak you have zero margin for error, especially if you give them the 30-35M salary that they will command. I don't think you can have a consistent contender with a QB like that. 
    • If they saw Teddy as the franchise QB, NO would either 1) make the choice to keep him over Brees (which will be a 1 or 2 year deal at most), or 2) dump some others to make room. They have plenty of mediocre/average guys making more than they should (that could be replaced in the draft or FA) which is why they're hard against the cap in the first place.
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