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Bears (+4.5) at Minnesota (12-30-18)

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14 hours ago, coming on strong said:

the vikings look worse with cousins


He was never a good fit. Fans are enamored by volume stats -- 4000 yards, 30 TDs-- but don't appreciate the little things that help teams win championships. Cousins has never been a winning QB. He throws a pretty ball but everything around him has to be right for him to succeed. He does not win when his teams need him most. In 2016 (his best season), he had a chance to get Washington into the playoffs with a win in Week 17 -- he had the worst game of the season... Our  OL was just as bad last year but Keenum had a way of evading pressure. Cousins was a huge upgrade from Keenum talent-wise, but the continuity and chemistry with Keenum may have helped us win more games than the upgrade at QB.


It is a disappointment. 

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