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Bears (+4.5) at Minnesota (12-30-18)

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14 hours ago, coming on strong said:

the vikings look worse with cousins


He was never a good fit. Fans are enamored by volume stats -- 4000 yards, 30 TDs-- but don't appreciate the little things that help teams win championships. Cousins has never been a winning QB. He throws a pretty ball but everything around him has to be right for him to succeed. He does not win when his teams need him most. In 2016 (his best season), he had a chance to get Washington into the playoffs with a win in Week 17 -- he had the worst game of the season... Our  OL was just as bad last year but Keenum had a way of evading pressure. Cousins was a huge upgrade from Keenum talent-wise, but the continuity and chemistry with Keenum may have helped us win more games than the upgrade at QB.


It is a disappointment. 

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    • Have you researched both QBs or just angry for a certain reason?   Rivers has done far more! 
    • That's what I mean with the whole, "no one knows when/what happened". We have no right to know, but it's the source of all the angst and speculation.... Seems so easy to just be rid of it.  "I tweaked my ankle third day of practice, not too severe, but it's high on the ankle"   That would have been divulged I feel, as it almost always is when a player hurts something in organized team activities....    Why the mystery around this one?  They have had no problem confirming injuries in the past, kidney, ribs, other players....  But when it's Luck, AND in the off-season....that combination is seemingly always treated differently.  Just an observation.
    • I still believe the calf was healed and he injured the ankle on that third day of practice. I don’t think he had the ankle issue popped up until camp.
    • @Blueblood23 @Reidm   Care to give us some insight on your choices given some of the data in the OP? Thanks!     I said last year, that WR was by far our biggest limitation on O, and lack of QB pressure and Ints from our D needed to improve. I think we've helped out all three of those areas. The only thing I wish we would have done, is a picked up the a legit iDL.
    • Luck has proven he's plenty capable and willing to play through pain.... No one who's watched his career can doubt this.     What I can't understand, and it's admittedly complicated by the fact no one knows for certain how he hurt his ankle, let alone when.... Is why is Luck apparently without any sense of urgency when it comes to his own injuries or rehab during the off-season?   I don't mean he should rush through rehab or healing processes, but if I'm not wrong, this is the second time in his career he's had an entire off-season to fix an issue that was "rumored" to have been caused early in the off-season, in non football related activity, and he's just seemingly waited around until late in the off-season to address the health issue... It's like he always opts to just rest it and hope it gets better, which is fine.... Surgery or other measures are always a last resort... And then it gets worse, or is reinjured.... I guess he just seems way less proactive when dealing with injuries.   I dunno, it just seems odd, and it's a subject that no one really mentions or tries to address.  Dude has every right to snowboard, cliff dive, whatever he wants in his off-season and free time, but he seems to be the only guy who comes down with "snowboarding" injuries in August that then linger and bleed over into the preseason or early season...   Sorry for rambling.... Too much coffee today lol
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