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That was too much to give up for RG3 in my opinion. I would have thought two 1st rounders and their 2nd.

1 is good enough and second rounders. Of course the Rams are smart and said to take it!!! Browns must be MAD!

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They did what they had to do to get their guy. You guys act like the Skins were the only team trying to move up to this spot, they had to beat the other team's offers and they had to be sure they would beat them. If RG3 pans out those first round picks won't be nearly as valuable as they would be with Grossman and/or Beck at QB, it's a risk but he gives them a better chance then those two regardless.

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Why didn't indy make this same trade or even more and then look for barkley or jones next year? Just an opinion and would love feedback.

imo Jones is garbage and you can't guarantee that we will be picking with the first pick next year for Barkley( It's looking like it will be early but you just can't assume you're going to be the worst in the league). And if you think of it from Gigs' and Pagano's perspective, you're basically throwing away your first year as HC and GM to get picks for the following year(s) and with the amount of leeway for new head coaches anymore, that is not exactly the most appealing approach.

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