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7 hours ago, Lawrence Owen said:

Wait, Luck was sacked in week 3?!...Alright, who's getting fired now?!


9 hours ago, WoolMagnet said:

I LOVE how we now can point out sacks like anomalies.

"Hey, remember that time Luck was sacked in week 3?........"

You know funny enough it was a sack that lost us that game in week 3 against the eagles

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8 hours ago, strt182 said:

The strip sack that got saved by the flag? Without the penalty that sack never happens. If this is the sack then it never happens if the hold doesn't happen. 


The blitz in the fourth quarter where Luck held the ball quite a while. It was the rookie Giants LB coming through the B gap. Mack chop blocked him but he got up and pulled Luck down.

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