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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I can agree with you that we have to get the DT spot fixed one way or the other and I personally don’t care if it’s our first draft pick or best FA DT on the board that fits our scheme. If we don’t fix that space, our defense is not going to hold scoring teams enough at bay and getting avg to above avg play from our QB will not be adequate enough. Prime Manning and Harrison and Edge ain’t coming back nor is Luck so I say we resolve the defense first as we look to improve the QB spot and develop it.    and for the love of god, can we use more power scheme blocking for our offensive line and less zone type crap. We have a few maulers, let’s use that to run over people. 
    • I was thinking about that too. I could only think of the Rams (greatest show on turf) beating the Titans, but I don't remember if the defense was that special. But then pats turning around and beating the Rams the next year. I think their D was tough that year - but again I can't remember.    I think the 49'ers are going to stop KC. 49'ers Defense is nasty!    I love that football is fun to watch again - since the pats aren't in it. 
    • San Francisco seems to have the more balanced team and has made fewer mistakes than Kansas City. I would take Shanahan's coaching over Reid's. (Not an Andy Reid fan, though really can't explain why-it just is.) Besides, Garoppolo is easy on the eyes. So, taking the 49ers.    Something will be missing in this year's Superbowl, though. Oh yeah, no Patriots. 
    • Anybody remember the conditions under which we played KC?  Mahomes couldn't scramble and Hill was out.    As a pocket passer with only one of his weapons gone, he looked below average.
    • I'm not sure, but I would be surprised if the property taxes are higher in Florida vs. California overall.  The sales tax in California starts at 7.5% and can go up to 8.5% depending on where you live/shop.  Therefore, that 13.3% extra Rivers pays in California adds up to a large amount, imo and, as was mentioned by @ColtsBlueFL, he is no longer allowed to deduct state and local taxes over 10k from his federal returns, compounding the effect.   I believe that his prime motivation was to move closer to his family, but the hundreds of thousands of dollars he will save by making the move is probably a nice added plus.
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