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ESPN NFL Week 16 Power Rankings, Colts @ 9


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Up from 12 last week. Credit to our offensive line play. Nice to see some recognition but this team needs to stay with it and focused going into these last two games. 


9. Indianapolis Colts (8-6)

Week 15 ranking: 12

Biggest breakthrough: Offensive line. Finally. The line has gone from being a weak link during the first six years of Andrew Luck's career to being a strength of the Colts this season. That group has given up only 16 sacks, second fewest in the NFL, after giving up a league-high 56 last season. Improved line play has played a significant factor in helping the Colts to a top-10 total and scoring offense. -- Mike Wells


Week 16 vs NYG who've been eliminated from playoffs

Week 17 @ TENN which will probably be for Wildcard



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21 minutes ago, CaptainColt12 said:

Aren't the espn rankings different than the actual NFL.com rankings, correct me if I'm wrong


But yeah it's cool to see the Colts get some Praise other than Kyle Brandt and Colin Cowherd. 

   By espn too, they're the ones who projected Luck to not make the NFL's top 100 list before the season


Just difference of opinion that's all... 

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