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This might sound strange, but is anyone else impressed we have a 17 point lead when Luck isn't posting astronomical numbers. 

Great defensive stand by the zebras. 

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4 minutes ago, 18to87 said:

Is it time to get excited? Are we for real?

It’s a long way from over 

4 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

I thought the roof was closed. Or are the sides opened.

We have lots of windows in LOS... end zones for example are HUGE 

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    • Sorry,  long response.   Much to respond to.   To the Wilson ranking....   sorry, no.    That's NOT the way it works.    Wison may be tied in grade with over 30-something other players,  but at some point,  you have to rank them in order of preference   And Zierlein ranks has him at 64.  He could've been ranked at any of the other spots.   But he wasn't.   He was slotted at 64.   That's how this works.      And while you  can call it "all over the map"  a number of good evaluators have him with a first round grade.   The worst was Kiper with a mid-3rd round grade.   We took Wilson right in the middle of the range of rankings.   Mid-40's.    There isn't an issue with where we took him.   Tabor may have been CB1 for Florida,  but he was not a better NFL prospect.   He tested badly and slipped.   Wilson was the youngest player in the draft.   The size of a safety.   He had better upside and long range potential.  Unfortunately,   he wasn't mature enough and it hasn't worked out for him at any stop.   But he was drafted roughly where he should have been.      Carrie may or may not have been a good solid back-up,  but he was a BIG disappointment in Cleveland.   He was signed to a big deal.   $8 mill per.    That's starter money, not back-up.   Cut after two years.    And no one was interested until late in the process.   Ballard found value in the discount isle.   The gamble regarding Rhodes was this....    what if he didn't work out?    We signed him to be no less than CB2, and CB1 if things went well.    The $$ cost may not have been much.   But now imagine how this forum would look at Ballard if Rhodes was a bust and his play cost us a playoff spot?   The gamble was signing someone on a cheap deal.   People would be screaming that Ballard got what he paid for and why didn't he sign someone better to a bigger deal?   It would've been a lost opportunity to do better.   Again....  I'm not clearing Ballard of blame.   But no one bats 1,000 in this business.   A first rounder is considered by some to be a 50-50 proposition.   On balance, I think Ballard has done well.   Hope you'll note my post from the other day where I disagreed with Greg Rosenthal calling Ballard the best GM when it comes to the draft.   I think that's wrong and I explained why.   We will have a better idea by the end of this season.  Guys like Turay and Lewis from the 18 class,  plus the first four from the 19 class...   RYS, BB,  Parris and Oke.   If those guys come through,  Ballard's drafting will look even better.    And if not, we will see when the winter of 22 comes around.
    • Similar to last year.  Maybe he wants a lot of latitude to sign the kids next year?
    • Phins would do it, but we'd have to throw in our 4th rounder.. With the depth of OT this year that would work, with the depth of WR that would work as well. DE would be another animal..
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