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This might sound strange, but is anyone else impressed we have a 17 point lead when Luck isn't posting astronomical numbers. 

Great defensive stand by the zebras. 

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4 minutes ago, 18to87 said:

Is it time to get excited? Are we for real?

It’s a long way from over 

4 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

I thought the roof was closed. Or are the sides opened.

We have lots of windows in LOS... end zones for example are HUGE 

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    • I know, and that's what endeared him to a lot of fans.  I'm not saying he would have changed his nature under Ballard/Reich.  I'm saying they would have managed/coached him better, like they did in '18.  His nature would still come out in key moments, like that Superman dive he did in the playoff win against KC, or like the Elway helicopter run.  It just wouldn't be necessary on every frickin 3rd down, or every frickin play inside the redzone.   If Luck had been introduced to this kind of system from the get-go (like, I don't know, the previous system with Manning...), I don't think Luck would have taken nearly as many hits because he would have been getting the ball out quickly, whether pass or run, like Manning was doing up until that point.  He wouldn't have had to play hero-ball in almost every single game.   If only Luck had that kind of management/coaching from Day 1... but unfortunately, Irsay got obsessed with one facet of the Pats because they used it on the Colts repeatedly... run the ball with a power running scheme, and play aggressive defense with a big 3-4 bully defense.  So Irsay abandoned what had been working, completely flipped the front office, the scheme, and the roster, then ran a generational QB into the ground during a rebuild that never came to fruition, and now we're right back where we were a decade ago.   Maybe Ballard and Reich weren't ready in 2011 to be the GM and HC that they are today, but man... if Luck had Ballard and Reich taking the reins from Polian and Caldwell... keeping the same sort of systems in place on offense and defense and continually upgrading the roster the way Ballard has done so far (especially the OLine)...  If there was a way to align all of this up differently, so that TODAY we could be talking about how many MORE  Luck was going to bring to Indy...  
    • I have been following your guys draft. Pretty entertaining and great stuff. I almost was in it but declined at the last second. If I was @WarGhost21 and had the Colts I would've stayed at #21 and picked Sam Cosmi but that is just me. Sewell, Slater, and Darrisaw was already gone but Cosmi was there.
    • I would not go as far as unreasonable.  I think thier positions do not have nearly as much values as other. Would I pay Leonard or Q 18 million? No!! What r u going to pay Smith? Buckner makes 21 million. All of your top end  players r playing in the middle of your D and O.  No peripheral skill players at all. That's concerning to me. Let's make a bold move and get a top  end corner or hell even wide out. 
    • I voted OT as in (LT). I would take an Edge at #54. We need to make life as easy as possible for Wentz and need a LT badly.
    • Then we keep our 1st round pick next year, start Eason, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Hopefully it doesn't happen though (it'll usually happen to 1 or 2 teams a year, just have to avoid random, bad luck).
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