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What has lead to the teams success (poll)


What is leading to the Colts success?  

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  1. 1. Why are the Colts in the playoff hunt?

    • Ballard found a bunch of hardworking team first guys?
    • The Coaching Staff is putting players in position to make plays/scheming out of their mind?
    • The players are maximizing their talent to a man
    • GM/Coaching Combo
    • GM/Player Combo
    • Coach/Player Combo
    • GM-Coach-Player mega Combo
    • I dunno gotta believe its AV's Santa Beard

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For me, I think its a little from column A/B/ and C......although record wise we may finish somewhere in the middle.....10-6 to 7-9 which is where I had "hoped" they would make it to, it just seems like this group has surprised me with how they got there.....what is your take on it?

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It is impossible to pick just one thing.  I think the overarching position is that the Colts keep making good decisions.


Irsay bringing in Ballard, check. 

Ballard's first couple of drafts, check  

Ballard's free agency, check   

Ballard/Irsay bringing in Frank Reich, check.


There have been speed-bumps, with a couple of draft/free agency acquisitions not working out and Reich obviously came from McDaniels pulling, but overall we are just making good decisions for the better of the franchise and, more importantly, for the good of the franchise in the long term.

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