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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • I admit to not being a great fan of Frank but to watch him emotionless on the sidelines and watch his play calling leaves me wanting. Will Frank ever give up the play calling to someone more emotional and creative or is this his calling as he see it.
    • More Like Lawrence sees the Jets having the number one pick and then decides to stay at Clemson for another year
    • I’ve gotten to see quite a few but by far, the best one was the AFC championship game, the greatest single playoff game in the history of the league. The 2006(played in Jan 07) vs the evil cheating Patriots. Standing there on the edge of the field, with 5 of my fellow soldiers mere feet from the end zone as Joe Addai as ran it in for the touchdown and then the subsequent Marlon interception was just amazing. 
    • Why didnt the club sign a punter as soon as they knew Rigo's situation on saturday to allow enough time for him to clear covid protocol instead of having no punter vs Texans ? 
    • Every year there are those 2-4 players that just get a crazy hype train behind them by the media. And these analysts love the “tough” guys who are scrappy and not afraid to talk a little smack. People oversell all that physical, tough, and swagger stuff and you end up with guys like Rock Ya-Sin being way over-drafted and overhyped. People here are more in love with the idea of Ya-Sin than the player he actually is and will probably be. He’s the corner you want from a character and demeanor stand point, but doesn’t have the athleticism or skill to match. Take a look at his combine number. His 3-cone was terrible. People mock DK for his and his was better and he’s 6’4”.   Ive seen this movie before on this board. There’s always a player here who people love the idea of so much, that it’s hard for them to admit when they were sold a dream. This was the board with TJ Green, Quincy Wilson, Donte Moncrief, Phillip Dorsett (although there were a lot more people who hated that pick from the jump), etc... the list goes on. Rock is the latest dream sold to the fan base. He has all the makings and is following the same trajectory the aforementioned players followed. He gets the same excuses made in his defense. This board has been like this ever since the Jerry Hughes situation. 
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