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Hi, Colts fans!   Our Indianapolis Colts try to go above their 6-6 regular season record, as they are in Southeast Texas to play the 9-3 and AFC South leading Houston Texans,  Texans are on a nine-gam

They commented on how Luck has played so much better by stepping up in the pocket to help his tackles.  The real truth is that the interior blocking has been so much better so he actually CAN step up

Watching the Chiefs vs Ravens, the Domestic Battery Bowl.   (Rice-Ravens, Hunt-Chiefs).

2 minutes ago, JColts72 said:

Conservative play calling on o leads to a lose. And self destruct d now.

Yes Reich confuses me.  He goes for it on 4th downs  and the play in Houston where we lost.  He preaches aggressiveness but seemed to play soft with the lead. 

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    • I’d rather not win the super bowl with rivers then win the Super Bowl with brady. I hate brady lol
    • That is so short sighted.   The way to get to the playoffs in the NFL is with high powered NFL passing offenses (been the case since the Peyton days). However, once you get there, you are playing very good defenses as well. Plus, I don't need to explain the rope-a-dope the Colts pulled from 32nd ranking rushing D to win the SB. Not to mention the 31st/32nd ranked defense in the Patriots going to the SB in 2011. I don't need to remind you the Saints, who were 25th or 26th overall D in the NFL beating the Colts in SB 44.   Bottom line - regardless of where you finished and how you finished in the regular season, good coaching helps you turn things around and your regular season ranks is not what wins you championships, your adjustments and ability to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses gets magnified come playoff time.    If you look at metrics, we did have once in a decade D like the 2000 Ravens with the 2013 Seahawks and the 2015 Broncos that played under even more QB friendly rules than the 2000 Ravens. So, yes, building such Ds is definitely possible with the high rate of draft picks working out like the 2013 Seahawks or high hit rate in free agency like the 2015 Broncos. You are not going to stop the best of offenses to under 20 points most of the time but if you can limit their possessions and keep them in that sweet spot of under 25, you have a puncher's chance of scoring just enough to win, for which you need a good defense for those timely stops. 
    • I think you're mistaken on several fronts.   First, in general, my point was that either our offense has to be better, or our defense has to be better. We can't have a B level offense AND defense and really expect to contend. So if we keep Rivers, the defense has to be better, especially against good QBs.    Second, if you only focus on the scores in the SB, then yeah, you might conclude that defense is overrated, but that's silly because there are a lot of games to be won to get to the SB in the first place. You gave the 2017 Eagles as an example, and they gave up 33 points in the SB, but only 10 points in the divisional game (only scored 15), and 7 points in the conference championship. They went 13-3 and were a contender to begin with partly due to their top five defense.    The 2018 Patriots were a better defense than they got credit for (they were 10th in net yards/pass attempt, 7th in points allowed, and 5th in turnovers), and it was their defense that set the tone in the SB, only allowing three points. It's weird that you'd even use that team as an example.   And last year's Chiefs team had it's strong points defensively. They won the last six games of the season to get the #1 seed, giving up an average of 11.5 points/game, and they were 7th in points allowed over the season.   Of course you have to have a good offense, I've never said otherwise. But you also need a defense that can make some plays. 
    • Crowd noise?    Sorry....   I don’t understand...  
    • The Eagles are not as bad shape as Saints, clearly, but looks like they would only have to cut 4 guys then restructure a few.     Problem with Wentz for them is trading him only frees up a little over $800k in cap space this year(2021).   Now they can wait till after June 1st amd save more this year and put some dead cap till next year, but similar to Michael Thomas they would have to be operating under the cap before then.
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