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    • Ballard completely rebuild 98% of the roster in three years. I don't count 2017 because he didn't have his own coaching staff and had to deal with Pagano. Even with Andrew Luck retiring, Ballard never stopped building the Colts into the highly talented roster they currently have today. I don't think Ballard gets enough credit just like I don't think Andrew Luck got enough when he was carrying the Colts pitiful roster for multiple years on his back.
    • Dolphins 21 Jaguars 27 49ers 24 Giants 10 Football Team 20 Browns 13  Bengals 27 Eagles 20 Raiders 21 Patriots 23 Bears 13 Falcons 27 Rams 20 Bills 30 Texans 24 Steelers 30 Titans 27 Vikings 17 Panthers 10 Chargers 28 Jets 13 Colts 28 Cowboys 30 Seahawks 34 Lions 21 Cardinals 31 Buccaneers 29 Broncos 16 Packers 26 Saints 30 Chiefs 35 Ravens 17
    • Herbert certainly looked better for their team than Tyrod.   I will say that while I was impressed with Herbert's athleticism and poise, I think the hype train is going a little too strong for him already.  Will be interesting to see how he does over the course of the season.   I really think the Chiefs were caught off guard after preparing for Tyrod's boring ball control style.  They were also banged up on the line.  Herbert was exciting, compared to Tyrod, but I only counted about 5 completions that were actually thrown down field.  The rest of his yardage came from dump-offs and passes in the flat.  He also threw that momentum-swinging interception.   The good news for Herbert is that they play a terrible Panthers team this week.  Should be able to put up some nice numbers.
    • Maybe but I'm sure his unlimited funds had a little to do with it. 
    • It’ll be interesting to see what Goodell will do.      His stated policy is that you don’t have to be convicted or even charged with a crime to be subject to NFL discipline.  So Roger could still levy punishment on Kraft.   Fine?   Suspension?   Remember what was done to Irsay.....   I’m confident something will be done.  The question is how much?
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