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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • You sure are an argumentative dude. 
    • Colts win 30-27. Both defenses still look shaky IMO but I think we pull this out after losing last week. 
    • I mean come on dude.  We would have said Shaq can't make foul shots, when he makes overy half of them.  We would say Baez can't hit the low outside slider when he does in fact hit it sometimes.  We say things like he can't dance when in fact he is out there shaking his adz.  We say she can't cook when we are in fact eating the dinner that she cooked.   If you are not a native English speaker, then maybe you need more precision in language.  It is difficult to understand nuancee for non native speakers of any languge.  Come on dude.
    • That's funny dude.  I probably should listen to my wife more.    I DON"T THINK JONATHON TAYLOR SHOWED HE IS GOING TO BE GOOD AT MAKING THE EDGE.  I WAS UNIMPRESSED WITH HIS CARRIES.  There, that is what I meant.   To me it's very annoying when someone tries to break down language as if they were in a game of GOTCHA, which seems like what you are doing.    Are you a lawyer perhaps?    
    • I was impressed with his pass catching abilities. IMO he will get better when he gets more adjusted to the speed of NFL players. He was used to being the best in college but now he is facing NFL caliber players.  The lack of not having pre season games with the new players showed big time.  The whole team including the coaches just didn't play sharp. 
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