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    • This is going to be a tough game for the Colts playing away, they need to up their game a bit on the defense and get after Foles or Trubisky.....Also need to utitlize Taylor more....Play calling could use some improvement....Granted the Colts played an injury plagued Jets and vying for the Trevor Lawrence sweepstake. can't take dah Bears lightly.....Close one, but Colts prevail 25-23....
    • I think this is the key.  Taylor is definitely going to be great short yard runner.  There is little doubt about this.    I don’t think he’s ever going to be a guy who can make petiole miss or find lanes when they aren’t obvious.  This is not his talent.   i don’t think he’s going to be a 3 down back in the league, but I know for sure the Colts didn’t think it today because he was out in leverage situations today when the game was still in doubt.  He is not good at changing directions or speed.  I think he would be most effective in an I or a a pistol so  he can start downhill, but that isn’t what Indy does.   We are going to need another guy I think.  Mack was that guy but now who knows.   i don’t understand why having this opinion upsets some of you guys so much but I also don’t care.
    • Overall, we were solid in all 3 phases.  Hard to be too high coming off the given it was the Jets, but it was all-in-all a good game.   Things I was pleased with: 1) We won the turnover battle 3-0 (4-0 if you consider a safety a forced TO).  Glad to see Rhodes w/ 2 INTs.   2) We had 2 TDs and a safety on D.  The last time a Colts team had 2 INTs returned for TDs in the same game was nearly 70 years ago (10/18/1950, also vs. the Jets).   3) We started off hot on O.  Yes, we took a TD to the house, then they came back and scored on us.... but we got the ball back and marched right down the field.  We've started off moving the ball every game so far, something we have struggled with mightily since the Peyton days.   4) Although TY was only targeted 3x, he caught all 3 for 52 yards and it looked like he was having fun out there again.. he looked better than week 1 or 2. 5) Leonard was all over the place again, the guy is special (we all know that, but he just keeps proving it). 6) Although Rivers made a few conservative throws (e.g., the 3rd and 10 throw to MAC in the 3rd quarter) and sacrificed yards, he didn't force anything and he threw 0 INTs.  I'll take that every day of the week, especially when we're playing with a lead and not in desperation mode. 7) Alie-Cox with the TD and a huge gain shows that he and Rivers are still developing chemistry, which is exciting and will be scary to other Ds when Doyle returns. 8) Thought our ST coverage unit was solid (EJ Speed made a heckuva play on a kickoff late in the game... of course, he got a holding on Rodgers' next return, but we have a fast ST unit). 9) We had a more balanced offensive attack than we did the previous two games and we did pretty well in both areas (run and pass).   10) Kenny Moore II (and the rest of the secondary for that matter) played well.  Moore has to be one of the best blitzing DBs in the league.  I was pleased with the play of Blackmon and Tavon Wilson in the secondary and was impressed with Wilson's tackles for loss. 11) Taylor got his YPC up to 4.5 (and Wilkins was at 4.3).  I think those guys are a solid 1-2 punch and don't really think we've skipped too much of a beat since losing Mack to the season. 12) Jacoby looked mobile in the pocket and he put more touch on 2 of his throws than I saw at all last season.  So, I think that is a good thing (ideally, we'll only see him that much when we're pulling starters b/c we have such a large lead, but he didn't look bad). 13) From what I could tell, we didn't have any key players (or any players) sustain significant injuries for the first time this year.   Things I was so-so with: 1) Blankenship... he's got plenty of leg, but missed another kick (granted he hit the upright, and it didn't matter in this game, but we can't afford to be missing makeable kicks as frequently as he has so far).  Not too worried about him, though.. he did hit 2 other kicks and 4/4 on XPs.   2) The pass rush -- we got 2 sacks and 7 QB hits... the DL was definitely disrupting Darnold most of the game, but it seemed like they were just a quarter of a second away from getting about 3-5 more sacks... it'd be really nice if they could turn 33-50% of those QB hits into actual sacks. 3) Offensive playcalling -- we didn't make any turnovers and we had a couple of very nice big chunk plays.  I like Hines, but he continued to struggle in the run game (it's almost like he's too predictable when used as a runner, but did well w/ 4 receptions for 40 yards.  Reich was definitely more conservative this game than vs. JAX, settling for FGs on fourth and short in their territory.  That said, I thought there were times when we could have been a bit more aggressive.  Overall, the O was efficient and we got the win (with 16 points assisted from our D).  I did also like we were pretty balanced on O, which we were not (heavy pass, then heavy run) in games 1 and 2.     Things to improve: 1) Time of possession.... after dominating TOS in games 1 and 2, we were almost equal to NYJ today.  I'd like to see us continue to be on the dominant end of that category moving forward, especially against mediocre teams. 2) Just some nit-picky things on individual players -- overall, I think we played well and hopefully this game gives us confidence as we get ready to take on Chicago (who is probably going to have a lot of confidence after that Foles comeback).  
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