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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • I agree with this post.   But in hindsight I think Herbert would have been worth 4 1st rounders and anyone else on the roster they wanted.   I think he might be better than Mahomes and I think Mahomes is the best football player I've ever seen.  They are going to be the new Manning Brady rivalry IMO.  
    • Well that is what I am debating with you.  KC definitely has roster weaknesses and will have more as time goes along with the 50 million to Mahomes.  I disagree that they don't have deficiencies.  I think their deficiencies are covered up with Mahomes awesomeness.  They have a couple of really nice weapons in Kelce and Hill, and the rookie RB looks pretty good.    I think the Colts roster "holes" are more obvious than KC.  KC would not be that good of a team with a Rivers as QB.  My guess is they'd basically be at our level.   I don't know if it was you that was talking about run defense.  Their run defense is and has been bad.  It doesn't matter because they will outscore you and they often put teams in a position to have to throw so the line can just T off on the QB ala the manning defenses.  But most teams would be in terrible shape with bad run defense.  You should know, you are a Colts fan and that was our defensive issue for about 2 decades except the one year with Bob Sanders.   My argument is that I think people overlook KCs defieciencies because the all time great QB play makes them irrelevant.
    • Say it with me, Fireman Ed, J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets...     In other words, if you fire Adam Gase, there is a chance I am willing to come to your team. Otherwise, all bets are off. I commend Joe Burrow for doing what he has been doing so far, same with Justin Herbert, going to a bad team but still producing even if they do not result in team Ws.
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