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Indianapolis Colts
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    • No what I meant is what round will they take the qb
    • That's why I think if we sign Rivers or any other FA QB we will draft an OT with our 1st pick and sign a DT in FA.  I think we draft an OT this year because Ballard knows he is in the perfect spot to get a good one.   Next year there is a good chance he won't be.  Ballard also said the team is ready to bring in a big time FA.  I actually think he is going to bring in more than one.  JMO.  
    • Where I am going with it is that you cannot extrapolate that reasoning as black and white and apply it to the NFL like apples to apples. If LSU's talent were No.1 worthy, Utah State in 2018 could have been a Top 30 team talent wise but barely a Top 80 team in 2019, talent wise. That level of talent disparity does not exist in the NFL, where even the worst team is somewhat competitive, though not at key moments to make enough plays to win enough.   It would be like asking Andrew Luck playing with a new O-line and new WRs made out of CFL squad guys that haven't played together at best the next year, and Luck's play would plummet and he would be forced to take more chances to win thus leading to more mistakes as well, that does not make him a QB with less than elite traits. Every elite QB needs some weapons around him worth something, and unlike the NFL where the elite QB has the luxury of a little more continuity and stability of offensive systems or at least 60-70% of guys returning, that is not a luxury a college team has, let alone Utah State.   Besides, even Joe Burrow is not a generational prospect to say he could be elite. You don't get elite overnight even if you are Peyton Manning, who at least got to start several years with continuity at Tennessee. It takes a few years of chemistry and continuity to get to a good floor, and then get to elite, even if it is sitting a year or more like Rodgers and Mahomes. The college game is not the same to say "elite here in college translates to elite here in the NFL". That is flawed thinking and "broad brushing" extrapolation. If you still agree to disagree, be my guest, I think I have explained my point as well as I can.  
    • To me it’s not a question. They are looking at this draft. They want him to help groom a QB. He could only play a year so drafting a QB in 2021 wouldn’t make sense. 
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