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L.A. Rams (-3) at Bears (12-9-18)


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7:20 EST   Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya on NBC

  Low-20s with light winds at cold Soldier Field ..over-under 52


Rams QB Jared Goff 275 of 414, 3,754 yards, 27 TDs, 7 INTs) and running back Todd 'Gurley Man' Gurley (233 carries, 1175 yards), WR Brandon Cooks (63 catches, 1.,026 yards  and all the rest of the Hollywood Stars must deal with 'The Big Chill' on the lakefront in Chicago.

The Bears' top-rated defense has allowed just 218 first downs in 12 games and tye have 21 pass interceptions, No.1 in the NFL<>,


QB 'My Man Mitch' Trubisky comes off a 2 week 'vacation' with a shoulder injury and he'll go back on the disabled list if Rams' star Aaron Donald (11.5 sacks) gets him.    I want to see how the Bears' flashy new  'Kansas City East' offense works when your hands are frozen.


If its close..remember that Bears kicker Brett Parkey hit the goal post and cross bar four times in the same game earlier this year.

His last name must be Halas for him to still be working there.

The Rams have scored 155 points (38 per game) in their last four games and that comes to an end Sunday night. The Bears are really good (5-1) at home and the crowd will be loud and drunk.


Stay way from this game, too. I don't know if Trubisky is healthy and this is a weather shock for the Rams who are playing in truly cold weather for the first time.



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The Bears earned it don’t get me wrong but the Rams blew it in a roundabout way. They’re not what I’d call overrated but they are what I’d call...something Idk what in big games. To conservative. They passed alot today but it a bunch of short junk. They lost this one, the Saints, and should have lost the Packers game. I didn’t see the Chiefs game but I’m assuming there was some luck involved since they gave up 51 points.

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Goff threw the ball right to the Bears.

he seem intimidated......and they got way from Gurley in a game that was always close.


I think the weather mattered here. Goff simply didn't throw the ball well.

Neither did Trubisky, to be honest...and why don't they use Jordan Howard in bad weather?


It didn't look like there was a championship team on the field Sunday night

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Beating NO in the Superdome is almost impossible. Get the feeling of 09 all over again. Sometimes you can just see a story developing....Brady vs Brees....the ageless ones. Even though I think 90% of America would rather see Goff vs Maholmes part II.

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If Brees makes it to the SB it will be a bigger sham than 2009. He played just as bad as Goff and Trubisky. Unfortunately so did Winston after the opening possession. And the kicker. The Buccs’s roster being being wasted worse than the Jags. Ok that turned into a rant but I told no lies lol!

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