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Josh McDaniels hot HC candidate... again


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FOXBORO  — Josh McDaniels is once again at the forefront of most NFL head coaching rumors...


...He was asked about  being the leading candidate in some circles, how he sees his future, and how he’s handling the situation.

His answer was basically a dodge, which is not all that surprising...


...McDaniels was also in the rumor mill last year. He accepted the Colts job before reversing course and changing his mind at the last minute, and received a five-year deal to remain in New England as the offensive coordinator.


Teams apparently aren’t holding that against him. There’s already rumors about McDaniels going to Green Bay, which fired Mike McCarthy after Sunday loss to Arizona.


Asked if he still wanted to be a head coach, McDaniels said his future plan remained the same.

“If that’s in the cards for me, that’s great. I’ve said that before,” he said. “But again, I’m not worried about that right now.”...




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I could see him going to Cleveland over anywhere else.  A good young QB, a decent D, some talent at Wr and TE and a very good RB.. all they need is an O that can score points and not turn the ball over and they win the North.. McDaniels IMO could do that as he is a damn good OC.. 

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Get his signature in blood, please, before sending a jet. :) 


Have a mongoose on hand while dealing with that snake. :thmup:


If he takes a job this year, it would make it obvious the "leave at the altar" move last year was about dissing the Colts on behalf of Kraft and had nothing to do with his family, blah, blah, blah....



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