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Colt McCoy breaks leg, out for season


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    • Don’t leave Hot Rod out he hit his first game winner yesterday.  I know he had the 50 yard miss but he’s been darn good all year.  
    • "Worst performance of an OLine this season" ?!?  "major weakness on this team" ?!?  What would it take for you?  Winning every game 56-0 and rushing for 400 yds while giving up 0 sacks?  This is the NFL... it ain't gonna happen.   Can you guys provide evidence of the other 31 teams being better?  What was the "best" performance of an NFL OLine this season?  Which teams have the OLine as the "major strength" of their team?  You're overreacting to a microcosm of bad officiating.   Ya'll would be singing a different tune if not for the ridiculous holding penalties at the end of the game.  And that's not on the players.  They played the same way they always do, the same way every OLine in the league plays every week.  For whatever goofy reason, the refs decided to choose that moment to "see" every hold that happens on every play in the NFL every week.   The refs don't call those stupid holding penalties at the end of the game (which they shouldn't have), we're talking about our vaunted OLine and Jonathan Taylor closing out the game the way you're supposed to close out a game when you have the lead and the ball with 3 minutes left.
    • A big part of it was the PIs called last year - the calls and non-calls
    • Two weeks in a row a rookie has stepped up to take a lead roll. Last week Pittman this week Taylor and Blackmon has all year. This is a good sign heading down the stretch. The game is starting to slow down for them and that's a great thing for this team.
    • Marty Schottenheimer was a great coach Monday-Saturday.  On Sundays I felt like he gave away lots of games with the prevent defense.  Was living in Wichita KS when he was in KC.  Certainly just my perspective but it felt like the prevent defense prevented KC from winning usually.     And I think he continued the tradition in SD.
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