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Indianapolis Colts
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    • This is one of the most ridiculous comparisons to the situation, I have seen
    • I'd guess at:   1) They think he's talented enough, or has enough potential, but want to see proof of maturity. 2) They think he is raw but could be refined into a viable QB 3) They want to have a QB to call up in case of injury to Brissett/Hoyer who has at least pretended to read the play book.  4) He brings $wag, one of the most valued intangibles of any QB assessment.    Probably a combo of the above. It's a low cost, low chance, high pay off investment really. The hype/noise isn't in line with the reality of the situation. 
    • Agreed here, the OL is legit     So decent, but not exactly setting the world on fire.  And disappearing in a few games here and there  because even with an elite oline, there are teams that can stop our rushing attack cold.    If you want to talk about "good but not elite," start with the run game.  Again, not terrible, will produce most of the time but not exactly a dominant force out there.  I'd honestly rather trust Brissett against a good secondary than Mack against a good front 7 right now.      Also playing hurt for most of the last 2 years.    Still good -- great even.  And not surprising that JB has a bad habit of staring him down when he's the only receiver we have on the field most games who is actually a household name.      But we've been wearing him out and he's nearing the end of his career.  Speedsters don't age well, especially when their wheels start to go bad, and we're beginning to see signs of that with TY.  IMHO, TY's career ends in the next 2-3 seasons.     Has the hands of the Michelin Man though, solid rubber.  Ebron's gotten his targets this year mostly by default.  I wouldn't trust the guy to catch a cold if the chips are down.   You'll never hear me say a bad word about Doyle, but he's a complimentary piece in a good offense.  Great guy to have, not a superstar by any means.     Hines impresses me, but he's another guy who can't be a focus of the offense.  He's an ambush player, best used as a change of pace if the D get too locked in.  Solid complimentary piece in the mold of James White.  Not gonna carry a major part of the offensive load on his own.  Also I'm not really impressed by how Reich has utilized him     In short exactly what i said -- spare parts, complimentary pieces and guys who you have to roll the dice and pray that they have a good game/season.  And the only guy in that group who's a lock to be effective has been hurt all year this year and was hurt all year last year.   again these are guys who you can use to compliment a strong receiving corps.  If these guys are your "strong" receiving corps you're in for an interesting year, to put it mildly.   We have a stable full of pieces that have the potential to be effective but most of them are either inconsistent, injured, or just good not great.  Couple that with a QB who's still learning and it's amazing that we were ever 5-2.   So to sum up.  We have a great OL, a pretty good RB unit, and a spit-and-baling-wire WR corps, and we no longer have the elite QB who made it all look like an NFL offense.     Brissett is good, but he's a tactician and team leader out there, not an elite thrower.    Brissett makes his bones by not making mistakes out there and by stringing together enough well-executed drives to keep the team in the fight.  You have to get a guy like that actual offensive weapons, they won't elevate scrap heap pieces into being an NFL offense like a guy like Luck or Brady can.  You can win with them, but not if Ballard continues to cheap out at WR.
    • I'll tell you one thing. I never want to hear about my QB again "he's got the mentality of a LB".
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