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Indianapolis Colts
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    • The reason I'm against getting Carr or Bridgewater or any other similarly skilled player in FA is the following - the QB has outsized impact on the performance of the team. It's not the majority of the team, but it's big enough that you have to put the position in its own category.And because the QB position has such outsized impact, it has the possibility of giving you certain margin of error in the construction of your team. There are 2 ways for a QB to give you margin of error: -elite QB due to the performance they give you - it wouldn't matter if they are paid, a great QB masks a lot of warts offensively. -average-ish QB on rookie/small deal - you get functional QB play at small price. They run your team and because they are paid so little they let you use the rest of the money that you would otherwise have to pay a QB in other areas of the team.    The problem of Carr is that he's average and he will run your offence in a functional way, but he's paid a TON and will want to get paid even more once you give up assets for him. In other words he again gives you no margin for error - he's not elite enough to give you margin of error play-wise, and he's paid too much to give you margin of error pay-wise. + again, we have to give up more assets to get him away from the Raiders(probably at the very least one of the second round picks).    Similar rationale for other average-ish or lower players like Bridgewater.
    • Just a follow up   https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2020/01/22/nfl-draft-2020-boats-red-carpet-bellagio-las-vegas
    • Namath should not have gotten in.   So you think messing up is OK because they did it before.    Flacco has 1 SB win and SB MVP.  If he wins another, you put Flacco in?   I wouldn't.   Flacco has very similar season numbers.   Closer than Eli is to Big Bens.  
    • They showed the venue during the AFC Championship game, it's going to be outside with the main stage in the middle of the pool (I forget which hotel).  They said the draft picks will be taken to the stage by boat (and no, I'm not kidding). have fun.  
    • The Giants, Lions, Cardinals, Jets, Jaguars, and Raiders need a WR. Jeudy is one of the best route runners to enter the draft and has great speed. I highly doubt that he makes it to us at 13. 
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