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Colts Vs.Dolphins Game Day Thread

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Oh shush, you literally only ever post when stuff is going against us. You're a stormweather fan. 

To all the doubters: Peace!    I've been quick at times to dog on Luck but I made a point never to trash Luck or give up since Luck played well vs Houston. Even though we lost that game I le

27 to 24. I was right! Believe in Blue!   God bless, Trolls.

After Mitchell forced that fumble and set the Colts back up to get a score before half and get the ball first after half... this is what has unfolded:


1. Terrible play call to go deep right after Luck threw a bad pass for a pick. You need to be safe and move the ball in chunks at first and make sure you give AV at the very least a decent FG kick.


2. Can't convert a 3rd and short when a defender falls down with another terrible pass.


3. Get our punt partially blocked giving the Dolphins a short field.


The defense bailed us out by holding the Dolphins to 3.


Colts better start playing SMART football... right NOW!!! Get a TD and smother them after that... Ryan will break and throw a pick... (that hopefully won't be dropped again).

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Not one player is playing well tonight. We are flat on all aspects. Andrew is holding onto the ball way too long and forcing throws deep. He's playing well when getting rid of it quickly and reading it at the line. We can't establish a run game for anything. Special teams are a big fat F so far... 


Defense is doing enough to hang in there. 

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Luck gets sacked and loses the ball and gets lucky to have someone jump on it.... leading to a longer field goal.... which is awfully executed.


The Colts are horrible today after going up 14-7.


They look like they are TANKING this game.... that is how bad it looks.


What is going on!!!


Step up in the dang pocket on 3rd down Luck and make sure to not LOSE YARDS.


Simple smart football is too much for him to handle today.... apparently.



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Just now, Trueman said:


I just wish fans wouldn't underrate the opposition as much as they do. 



I hear ya, that’s what I was implying.  They sure don’t look like a bad rush D today.  One of those games though where the Colts are just shooting themselves in the foot however.

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