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Oh shush, you literally only ever post when stuff is going against us. You're a stormweather fan. 

To all the doubters: Peace!    I've been quick at times to dog on Luck but I made a point never to trash Luck or give up since Luck played well vs Houston. Even though we lost that game I le

27 to 24. I was right! Believe in Blue!   God bless, Trolls.

After a season of great play calling to this point: Yeah not a fan of the Colts offensive game plan. its clear they want to attack deep, and its frankly... well, not working. You want to attack the Fins deep, you need to set it up with a more focused running attack. Fins have one of the WORST (this year) run D's. Theres been little to do to keep the secondary guessing if its a run or a pass. On some of the play-actions, our RBs are not selling the run out, I think I saw two attempts where the RB was even to the back of Luck while he was attempting a fake hand-off.


Defensively: We're fine. Apart from the 50/50 ball and the first drive, we've looked fine.


Offensively: Rythm. Quick passing, quick hitting runs. Put Luck under center, sell the play-action when you want a shot.

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