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Colts Vs. Titans Game Day Thread

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Hi,  Colts fans!  :default_20smile:   Our 4-5 Indianapolis Colts have an opportunity later this afternoon to even their record to 5-5, and win their fourth straight regular season game, since their 2014 AFC South Division Championship season, when the improved Tennessee Titans come to Downtown Indianapolis, and a win by the Colts would also leave both  teams even at .500 and 5-5.


Colts have already won three straight regular season games for the first time since their 2015 NFL Season.  A win by the visiting Titans would be their fourth straight win since  achieving it twice in the same 2014 NFL season.  That year the Colts had a five  game and four game seperate winning streaks, on their way to win the AFC South Title.


An oddity and quirk in the Colts remaining schedule is that the Titans is the third and last AFC South divisional opponent to visit and play at the real Lucas Oil Stadium this season.  Indianapolis in two weeks will finally play all three of their AFC South divisional opponents,  in away and road games in December, at Jacksonville, Houston, and Tennessee. 


Also in December, Colts also have  yet  to host and  NFC East interdivisional opponent at LOS,  until the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants play consecutive  games at Indianapolis. Colts also  host one more AFC opponent, the Miami Dolphins at LOS.


Indianapolis and Tennessee are playing in their 48th game this afternoon, with the Colts leading the all-time regular season series, plus 1 postseason game, with 31 wins and 16 losses.  Colts will try to win their first game in two seasons, after the Titans swept the series in the 2017 season.  Titans first won 36-22 at Nashville back on October 15, and won the rematch later at Indianapolis, winning 20-16 back on November 26, 2017.


Andrew Luck threw two touchdown passes to Done Moncrief and T.Y. Hilton, Robert Turban scored his 1-yard TD run, and Adam Vinitieri kicked his three PAT's, and his 49 yard field goal, to help the Colts defeat the Titans in their last win, played at the real LOS, back on November 20, 2016.


There will be a halftime ceremony  today for former and retired Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne as he will be inducted and immortalized into the Ring Of Honor, for his achievements and production on the field with the Indianapolis Colts. 


LOS's retractable roof is closed for this afternoon's 1:05 PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because cloudy skies at 41 degrees, feels like 37 degrees, is the local game forecast, along with 15% precipitation, 84% humidity, and northern winds at 7 miles per hour.


Head Linesman John Hussey leads his NFL Officiating Crew to supervise the game action between the Colts and Titans.


Today's game between the Colts and Titans continues the NFL's annual 'Salute To Service' campaign. honoring our US military personnel in past and present, who sacrificed t serve  our country and away from their families to maintain America's freedom.  Colts and the Titans players and their coaching staffs may volutarily wear NFL authorized military team apparel by Nike and New Era during the game from their sidelines.


Also my Happy Thanksgiving to Indianapolis Colts fans with your family, relatives, and close friends, here on the Colts Fan Forum and Colts fans everywhere! Let's also see our Colts win this game for Reggie Wayne this afternoon!


NO injuries to the Colts players, Dismember The Titans , Go Blue Nation, Win Your Fourth Straight Game for yourselves and new Ring Of honor Inductee and former Colts player Reggie Wayne,  And LET'S GO COLTS!!!!! :cheer:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:   :colts:   :coltshelmet:   :coltslogo:  :cheer:  :rock:  :D


2018 Colts Vs. Titans NFL Game Preview, Live NFL Game Center, Team Injury Reports, NFL On CBS Early Regional Single Header Game In Sky Blue, And NFL's Salute To Service Links:























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Thanks LOS. We haven't won 4 in a row since the 2014 Season, a chance to improve to 5-5 and improve our Playoff odds. What a huge game today. My prediction is Colts win 30-24. I will roll with that score.

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Thanks again, LOS.  Happy Thanksgiving to you as well and to all my Colts family!


Man, I am so torn as to what will happen today.  Someone has to hawk Mariotta, we're short at Safety...tough game.  Gotta rack up some points and get off the field on 3rd down.

27-24 Colts.


Go Colts.  All day, every day!


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Thanx LOS...….. The overall landscape of this entire season could depend on this game ………. SO LETS GO COLTS !!!!!

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    • Not really. We can go into Oakland  and beat them.
    • Nope.  I do admire the Patriots as a rival fan, I've been loud in my calls for the team to become more Patriots-like, and it looks to me like Reich is moving in that direction too, which is something I like to see.  Because the commitment to discipline, execution, and putting the team over individual accomplishments is the way you win big games.   I hate to see everything they do right dismissed with the "cheater" label when it's generally not the case that they win by cheating.  Especially over something petty like deflated footballs.   The whole Deflategate saga has always struck me as a tempest in a teacup and the more I've dug around the issue, the less impressed I've been with the way Goodell and the rest of the NFL brass handled it.  The response just seemed and still seems, ridiculously excessive.  Other episodes of doctored footballs are answered with a warning or a fine, not a 4 game suspension of a guy who is possibly indirectly involved in the whole thing.   I've never been satisfied that the "Brady Cheated" narrative has a leg to stand on, it strikes me as the sort of thing rival homers cling to as a way to discredit his legitimate accomplishments and put their own GOAT candidates forward, especially Rodgers and Peyton.  To make their guys seem better by comparison.  Which is why the Manning HGH rumors deserve to be brought up -- our guy has a mark on his record too.  probably a worse one than deflated footballs if we're all being honest.    If you can discredit a guy based on rumors that may or may not be true, Manning is in a certain amount of trouble.   If we assume everything is true, PEDs vs doctored footballs is not an argument we want to be making.  We don't have a leg to stand on either.  If we assume everything is overblown, we can't use the "Brady Cheated" mantra.  If we accept one as true but not the other despite a similar level of evidence in both cases, then we aren't being fair or reasonable.   Either way the "Brady Cheated" mantra is something that probablt needs to die.  And it doesn't do the Colts any favors to cling to it unreasonably.   It's just how I feel about the whole thing.
    • its official http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001066803/article/mri-confirms-patrick-mahomes-suffered-dislocated-kneecap
    • I heard his test was scheduled for Noon?  That's central time, right?  Unless he went in earlier, that test would be ongoing as it is 1:22 EST as I write (12:22 CST).  This exam/imaging can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour from setup to getting off the table.  Then it has to read (properly) for results.   However, it would be great to here no other significant damage.  I'm not \convinced yet, though.  We'll know later.
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