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We can now call him TDbron.    our TEs continue to ball out.

Welcome back to The Colts Fan Forum, and NFL Game Day is back for our Colts!     A battle of 3-5 teams in the AFC South as our Indianapolis Colts are back on the football field to play the Jacksonvill

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Just now, JCPatriot said:

It's nice to see a team that's not the Colts completely melting down and self destructing for once.  Now, somebody reload their gun so they can keep shooting themselves in the foot.


It will be interesting to see how Bortles reacts. This is where truly good QBs step up. 

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Second half: I expect Jags to take some of their guys out of the box and try and clog some passing lanes. Offensively, they frankly just need to get the ball back.


Colts Im expecting them to offer some new looks offensively, and start using some RPO looks. Defensively, no clue. They just dont have the talent to make Jax be 1 dimensional

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WHY ???? >>>>>> 

Stephen Holder



Colts giving the Jags' receivers acres of space and dropping deep into coverage. That's fine when the ball is deep in the offense's territory. Not so much in the redzone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WHY are we giving them so much room ?????

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    • I have no idea if this is 100% true, but I believe Ballards intent was to re-sign Autry and Muhammed, and let Houston go for a high compensatory pick. Think about it, we already re-signed Muhammed. Before that, we tried to get Autry back, and he went with the Titans. Autry is younger, and he signed for 3 years $21,500,000. Houston is older, and will probably sign for a bit more a year. That means we would of not only got a younger player at EDGE, but we would of got a higher compensatory pick in that scenario.   Now Ballard didn't get Autry, is probably going to get a 5th for him or something along those lines, and has to decide whether to re-sign Houston for more, who is older, and not get the higher pick for him. After the draft, I believe you don't give or receive compensatory picks for signing FA's or getting your own signed. So that comes into play as well. Ballard has a big decision here, and he knows better than us if Houston is getting interest elsewhere right now, or if it's worth it to sign him for another deal.    Heck, Ballard may be interested in an EDGE rusher on day 1. Never know. We'll see.  
    • Would be a good deal for the Pats, not the most unbelievable trade either.
    • You ask a lot of good questions.    Unfortunately, I don't think that I, or anyone else,  has a lot of good answers.   Here's what I think we know.   Over The Cap has the Colts with just over $26 Mill.   Spotrac shows less,  and after the Carrie signing, I think we're going to be at $22.4 or so.   I also think we'd like to find a way to thread the financial needle and sign both Houston and Ertz (as a FA).   Even if you allowed $12 Mil for that, (Houston $7 mill and Ertz $5m)  that would leave us with roughly 10-$12 mill, give or take.   Currently, with our 6 picks,  Spotrac shows that will take roughly $6.5 to sign them.   But we all know Ballard has never had a draft class with less than 8 picks,  so expect two more, and that will bring the money needed to sign them to roughly $8 Mill.   Suddenly, we'd be down to $2-4 Mill and change.   Now, this is the part, where I don't know if @w87r  will step in for more financial adjustments that will show that we will have a few more $ than my math shows.    He's a wiz that way!      But typically, teams want 5-10% in reserve for in-season transactions.   BUT....   can you afford to have that much in reserve when your cap has shrunk to $185?     Yes?    No?    I don't know?     Who knows?   So....    lots of questions that need answers....    and we just don't know?    Both Houston and Ertz look like situations that might not resolve themselves until May......    So, we're left hanging....  
    • I vaguely remembered something like this but misremembered that I saw it on Hard Knocks so figured it couldn't haven't been the Colts.   Now that you mention this though, I think you're right.
    • OK....    I thought what I was saying was pretty obvious, but perhaps not,  so I'll try again....   If Chris Ballard wants to blow up and destroy everything he's spent the last 4 years building, I can't think of anything that would do it better than what you suggest.   I'm NOT saying CB should give Q and Darius blank contracts and say "fill in with the numbers you want"....   but CB will re-sign them and they will be big and generous contracts done without a lot of public fighting (unless someone gets WAY out of line with what they're asking.   But I'm not expecting that.)   Ballard has built a franchise built on culture.   We talk about here.   The team talks about it non-stop.    It's buzzing all over the city of Indianapolis.   It's even now buzzing around the NFL.    To suddenly play hardball with your best players, or worse,  trade them because they don't play the right position,  would literally destroy what he's built.   Blow-up the locker room.  Undercut  the relationships Frank Reich has with his players.   The rest of the team would see how we treated Q and Darius and think....   "why should I play hard for this franchise?   F*** them!   I'll ask to be traded the first chance I get."   In case you haven't noticed,  players demanding to be traded has caught on in the NFL.   It's not just for basketball or baseball anymore.   Ballard would lose all credibility with everyone.   He'd have wasted his 4 years here.   Reich would be screwed.   The front office would be furious.   Irsay would likely want to fire him.   It would destroy this franchise.   Final thought....    since you love to throw around what Belichick does....    deal with this...   when the Patriots were winning Super Bowls and making deep playoff runs year after year...     do you know who some of the top players were, besides Brady?     Logan Mankins,  offensive guard.   Rob Gronkowski,  Tight End.    Vince Wilfork,  Nose Tackle.  Donte Hightower, Inside linebacker.    Four key players.    All paid very well.    All Belichick favorites.    None, with the possible exception of Gronk played a sexy, glamour position that you obsess about.       I expect to agree with NONE of this.    But as someone who covered the NFL for 30 years as a member of the media,  and has followed football as close as I could for 25 more years (55 in all)  this is my judgement what would happen if Ballard would do what you suggest.     Sorry.    Good luck.....  
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