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Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread


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5 minutes ago, #12. said:

This is the point where you demoralize them, but no, a few plays and they're at the 3.


Now that would have been demoralizing.  Nothing gets an offense fired up like scoring a TD and only netting 4 points out of it.

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3 minutes ago, HungarianColtsFan said:

Finishing the half by a TD would be nice.


It's getting to the point where I expect it every drive.  This offense has been playing lights out the past couple games.



1 minute ago, SSFiero said:

getting a penalty on a timeout, Isn't that like getting fired on your day off?



It's like losing to the bye.

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Just now, JCPatriot said:

Sorgi was talking possible ejection for that hit.  Does he have a leg to stand on, or is he just being a homer?

Very close. I wouldnt, only because the defender was being pulled downwards. If he was just being stood up, you bet

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