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Indianapolis Colts
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    • If somehow we can't grab Love or Herbert in the first 34, I'd be good with Gordon. He's a scheme guy, but does have the tools, and is a lot less developmental than most.   I do like PTW though. While he's somewhat raw or developmental, he's got a great frame and could add muscle. Not perfectly polished and refined, but a pretty good prospect all things considered. There's several guys like that though. While WR is crazy crazy deep this year, this is also one of the better years for OT too. After I get done deep diving the QBs and WRs, going to be start looking at both trenches closer.   As far as a 3T, I just want a legit pass rushing DT. I think improving the rush will raise the level of play for the entire D (especially the DBs). Not so sure spending a lot of draft capital on a 1T will have the same impact. It's more of a refining addition, than a core need/upgrade.
    • Can I ask a serious question. As someone that supports JB but is also slowly coming around to drafting a QB, why are we rooting against JB?  Seems everyone is dead set that he will suck again next year. Odds are very likely that even if we draft a QB, JB is the starter next season because the rookie won’t be ready. Why not at least root for him to succeed. If we draft a QB, you get your possible future QB to develop. Why wouldn’t you want JB to do well so the Colts do well. Just curious. 
    • Best case: Andrew Luck returns, then we trade back with Mia from #13 for #26 and #39 overall  and end up with four picks in 26 to 44 range.
    • Ok, so I hear (or read) a lot of people on this forum talking about Love and how great he was in 2018 and what a great fit he would be for the Colts.  I have read that 2019 was not a good year because he got a new coach, new offensive system and lost his WRs, that 2018 was the true Jordan Love.  But watching Love in Senior Bowl I was not impressed.  So, I watch his 2018 highlights.  They are highlights they should be his best plays.  But what I saw in those was a few nice throws and a lot of plays where his WRs/RBs made a great play on the ball and/or made something happen after the catch.  Then I watched the USU and Michigan State game, because highlights are just that... highlights so I like to watch a full game to get a better understanding of what the player does in a game.  Take this for whatever you think it's worth.   Offensive system:  Like most college systems, Love operated out of the gun exclusively.  It was definitely a single read, run/pass option spread offense.   Surrounding cast - Players #1 and #21 are the play makers, #1 was a big bodied receiver with good speed, excellent catch radius, consistent hands and the desire to make the catch every time.  #21 was a smaller, speedy guy who, if he was a running back, ran good routes as a receiever, reliable hands and after the catch would square his shoulders to the endzone and make things happen.   What I saw that was good. - Between the hashes in that vital 8-12 yard range, Love showed good ball placement, good anticipation and good timing. - On the option plays (whether it's a read/pass or read/run) he seemed to make the correct decision each time. - Seemed to have good situational awareness. - Can throw the ball well on designed roll-outs to the right. - Had good ball placement on screens and passes to the RB in the flats   What I didn't see - Evidence of a monster arm.  Most passes over 30 yards, even in the highlight video, were under thrown causing the receiver to slow down or stand and wait for the ball to arrive.  Nor did I see great accuracy on deep throws. - Athletic ability - On the few runs he had, he does not look like a natural runner. - Ability to create when the play breaks down or goes "off script" as it is being described now.  Love made his worst decisions and worst throws when the play broke down.  Whomever came up with this narrative that he was at his best when the play broke down, I sincerely question their understanding of what they are seeing.   In summary, after watching the highlights and the MSU game Love is, a one read QB who looks immediately for a check down if his first read is not open.  He has good arm strength but not top tier.  He has good accuracy under 15 yards and then it becomes less and less the further down field the ball travels. In 2018 he had lacked ability to see underneath defenders and it sounds like that plagued him in 2019 and even in the senior bowl practices.  If he had a clean pocket he would stand tall and throw to his first read or check down.  If he didn't have a clean pocket  he makes poor decisions and poor throws.   If the Colts draft Love, I will support him like I do any Colts player, meaning I cheer and praise him for things he does well and will point out the things I think he does not do well.  But to me, he is not ready for the NFL and comparisons to Patrick Mahomes are not well founded and more wishful thinking than reality.  
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